Social media is an amazing space to be on. However, your mind is an even better space that must be taken care of.


“More than anything you guard, protect your mind, for life flows from it.”

‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭4:23‬


Here are a few tips to help you guard your mind on social media:

Tip 1: Create a list of what you want to see or don’t want to see on your feed. For example,

My Twitter:
UK black
Public Health

What’s your TL made up of?
— ✨ (@DrETPeters) June 7, 2020
Tip 2: Unfollow anyone who posts content that doesn’t support the list you have made.
I understand that it might be a lot to go through your follower's list, what I did was to unfollow people daily from my feed as they posted or mute them if they are really close friends.
Just like @Peeayforever would say:

1. "Know your script."
2. "Trust your producer."
3. Get in your character &
4. "Play your role - unwaveringly & to the best of your ability."

The script is already written: YOU WON! #RhapsodyOfRealities #RhapsodyDevotional#Ror#LwTwitter
— Faith Bogacwi 🇿🇦 (@faith_bogacwi) June 30, 2020

Tip 3: Follow hashtags related to the community you are interested in.


Social media is a search engine, believe it or not. And you can use this feature to find amazing people with similar interests who can inspire your mind daily.

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Tip 4: Join groups with related interests. My favorite social media platform with this feature is Facebook. You only get notifications when someone mentions you, and you can catch up on some very interesting topics in your field of interest.


And you meet lots of amazing people.

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Tip 5: Engage! Engage! Engage!

Now that you have found people in your community, the next step will be to actually engage with them. Social media is about taking and giving inspiration. Engage with the content of those who have inspired you. This’ll give their page a higher rank and more also allow your page to be discovered through theirs. And most importantly, you are creating a bond.