10 Phone Apps to Increase your Creativity


This overused and underrated app has helped a lot of people make a couple thousand dollars easily. And I’m not exaggerating! The key to using Canva is understanding the different tools that the app offers and then being able to manipulate it and create what you desire.

Pro tip:

⁃ use Canva on your computer.

⁃ If you don’t have the ‘effects’ feature for text, this is because it’s a test feature, email Canva here and request for it to be added to your account.


Over is a lot calmer compared to Canva. What I love about Over is that it offers resizing of designs in the free version, you can also use it offline. It has friendlier mobile version.

Adobe Spark

This is one app I didn’t take seriously and I wish I did. I absolutely love this app especially for png animations and text animations, wow! It’s necessary.


If you use 'Insta' story and you want to take your game to the next level, Mojo is your app. It’s very smooth and easy to use on mobile phones. I absolutely love it

PicsArt (Pixel lab for Android)

A very underused and underrated app. So many fun features like erasing backgrounds, adding a border outline to pictures, fun edits, and so much more. It’s one of the closest apps to Photoshop on an iPhone.


If you know me, then you have definitely received a video tutorial or two with a voice-over. I absolutely love recording tutorials for my friends with this app.

Pro tip:

⁃ Record your voice-over in a refrigerator. It sounds funny but it works so good!

Palette cam

This is one of my favorite apps. I know most designing tools have color pickers but prefer to use Palette Cam mostly because I get my palette inspiration from different sources on the internet. For example, someone posts a very colorful picture and it’s very gorgeous, I use palette cam to know the exact color codes and I sometimes use them for my designs.

Legend & Textro

Two amazing text animation apps!One thing I don’t really enjoy about these apps is that when you use them people can tell what you used and there’s very little room to express your creativity. You’re either using their template or dropping the app. However, it’s a good place to start from.

Cut story

I have had this app for years and it still doesn’t get old. It is the perfect tool to split your video into any duration that you want.


This is one of my favorite text animation apps. It allows for a huge amount of creativity plus, it’s so much fun!