Reasons Why Finances Don’t Grow.

Everyone desires to grow. I remember been taught in primary school that growth is part of the characteristics of all living things. As an individual, everything connected to you should grow as well because the capacity to do so is inherent in you. Many don’t think as such when it comes to financial growth. Some think it’s a mystery while some think it’s a miracle. That’s why many are hoping they’ll wake up to wealth one day and it never happens.

Financial growth is not a mystery neither is it a miracle. Having an ever-increasing portfolio is simply based on revealed principles and means. As said by Pastor Chris “growth in the area is based on the application of revealed principles and means”.

These principles are simple and can be applied by anyone at any level. Some of which have been discussed in earlier posts and articles. Kindly click (here) to view some of these if you haven’t done so.

You don’t know your current cash flows

Do you really know how much you get in a month not only your salary now but, all the cash inflows that you get? Secondly, are you aware of how much you spend monthly or you just spend. I mean your airtime, data, transportation, giving, food, savings, investments, and all the other things on your budget if you even have one.

If you are not fully aware of this, you wouldn’t be able to appropriately spend less than you get, which is one of the fundamentals for financial growth.

Start now, get to know your present financial status. Have a budget and ensure you spend less than what you get.

You don’t have any financial goals

Do you know how much you want to have next week, what about the next three months, next year and even the next ten, twenty, and thirty years. This must be crystal clear to you. Without such clear financial goals, you just are living in hope that one day you’d be a millionaire or even a billionaire. Life is not by chance you must be definite and work towards your goals.

As stated by Pastor Chris “any future that is not connected to today that future does not exist.” whatever your financial goals are if you are not doing something today that is connected to that goal just forget it. It’s not happening. So, work on those goals daily.

You’ve never had a financial education

You’ve never been taught or never researched the philosophy of wealth. There’s such a thing as the philosophy of wealth. This has to do with how to get wealth, sustain wealth, multiply wealth and then transfer wealth.

Get a financial education with the right attitude. One once told a story of what happened in a class. A multi-millionaire in dollars was having this lecture where he was teaching on “how to be a multi-millionaire”. He made a statement that prompted one of the students to interrupt saying, “my professor said, your last statement was wrong”.

The multi-millionaire then asked, “are you a multi-millionaire in dollars?” The young guy’s response was NO! He went ahead to ask again, “is your professor a multi-millionaire in the dollar” Once again the young guy’s response was NO! The multi-millionaire with a kind smile responded, “sit down let me teach you how to be a multi-millionaire in the dollar.”