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A Good Habit Can Save Your Life.

Habits are activities done perpetually both consciously and unconsciously. Many people have developed habits over time through the things they watch, see or hear.

A lot of people especially young people have developed the habit of using swear words that they can’t finish a sentence without such words embedded within them. It doesn’t seem bad anymore because of its commonality. But then Colossians 4:6 says, your speech should be full of grace, seasoned with salt. Salt is a sweetener and a preservative. Your words should be sweeteners, not curse words. Your degree of coolness is measured not by how eloquently you conjure swear words but by how you conjure sweet words.

Do you realize that a good habit can save your life? I will share 2 stories, one happened to me personally.

I was studying in the library on a certain Sunday evening. I had eaten some snacks and left them on the table. After long hours of studying, I felt tired and decided that I have had enough for that night and was ready to go home. So, I packed my stuff, picked up my empty welch wrapper (Welch is a very nice jellylike fruit snack that I love so much) and was ready to go. My attention was then drawn to a toilet paper on the following library desk which someone had used and because the closest waste bin was some meters away decided to leave it on the desk and leave.

Now I had come to learn a habit taught by my man of God that when you see trash on the floor or somewhere it isn’t supposed to be, it doesn’t matter that you were not the one that put it there, pick it up and dump it in the waste bin. I have been doing that for a long time and so I picked up that toilet paper and was about to head out. My eyes then saw another one under a table (I know that by now you should feel that isn’t it enough, am I the cleaner?) but I just couldn’t close my eyes and move on so I bent down to pick it up and lo and behold, under that table was a special key that I had been looking for since December 2019. Now, this wasn’t my regular sit in the library. In fact, I had gone to my regular cubicle when I initially got to the library and for some reason (which I believe was the holy spirit’s guidance), I decided to go somewhere else. The cost of replacing this key could have cost me hundreds of dollars. I had searched for this key throughout December because I’m meant to return it back to school at the end of the semester or a charge will be added to my school bursary account and now here it was, under a table that I only stopped to bend to pick up someone else’s trash. I had saved myself hundreds of dollars.

You may say it just a key, but this can be a key to your life partner. Do you realise many have lost their life partners due to a wrong habit or gained one due to right habit?

This brings me to my second story, there was a man in the bible named Abraham and he wanted a wife for his son Isaac, and he sent his trusted servant Eliezer to go and get one. Eliezer prayed to God about it and what did he ask? he didn’t ask God for a drop-dead gorgeous lady, he didn’t ask God for an intelligent lady, he didn’t ask God for a lady with wealthy parents though all these are good, He asked God for a lady with good habits. He asked that the lady will be someone that if he asks her for a drink of water, she will not only give him but his camels with him.

And then comes Rebekah, the bible described her as beautiful as well so don’t use your beauty as a substitute for having a good habit. Eliezer only asked for water for himself but Rebekah fetched for him and his ten camels. Do you know how much water 1 camel can drink? About 135 litres.

Now imagine Rebekah running back and forth from a well to give waters to camels of someone she didn’t know. But what she didn’t know that she was writing her name in the greatest book of all time. Her good habits brought her out of obscurity.

Do you know with a good habit, you can get that A in your class? It’s one of the secrets that has helped me for years.

The number 1 habit to form is right, graceful communication. Get rid of swear words from your vocabulary. You must first see that there is something wrong with them.

Then by studying the word, attending and participating in fellowship meetings, you will discover other habits to pick up and habits to drop. This will go a long way in saving your life.

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