A Sprinkle of Jesus

I'd tell you about my friend, his name is Mr.A and I know he would laugh as he reads this, you'd either laugh or grin as well. All my friend just wants is "a sprinkle of Jesus". He just wants to read few pages of the Bible in the morning, pray for few minutes, sing a song, read his devotional and zoom off into the day and continue the same pattern daily.

A sprinkle of Jesus is like using water to rinse your mouth daily without brushing, it's like eating a slice of bread every day with no other meal or even water, it's like wearing the same clothes daily without washing.

A sprinkle of Jesus would never be enough for us because He didn't ask us to come and have a sip of him but to come and drink him in.

What God truly wants is a relationship with you where he's involved in everything: Your career, your cooking, your shopping, and your daily life. He wants you to walk with him and not just box him into your far spaced devotional method which you do to mark your to-do list.

Building structures are good but don't leave God in the building and run along like he's not there, make it a conscious effort to always commune with him.

Plus I think it's time to add to your diet: pray more, meditate more, worship more, study the word more, declare the word more, listen to sermons more.

Even babies change their diet as they grow, I think you should as well.

Desire more than a sprinkle of Jesus

Let's have all of Him!

The Journey is far and a sprinkle of Jesus won't be sufficient to run the race.

With a desire for you to grow,

Temitayo A.