Adulting is a Process

Adulting means engaging in activities typically associated with adulthood. Simply put, it means taking responsibility for your life and taking charge of your life.

Many times while younger, I often wondered what the “adulting process” would be like for me which led to questions like, when I finished university, what would I be doing? What would happen to me? How would I be doing? What would happen to me? How would I act? How would I relate with people? Oh my! Where do I even begin? How would I handle my finances? Would I even be among the elite groups?

Yes, I know there are a lot of ‘How’s.

Thoughts like these were inevitable back then, little did I know I had begun my very own ‘adulting process’. These thoughts would always creep into my mind and I welcomed them more by accepting them which led to worry then anxiety and fear.

Worry, anxiety and fear are often more experienced in young people and if not handled properly it might lead to most times habits that you never thought nor planned to engage in, even suicidal thoughts or ways. Once you notice these thoughts, stop the thinking and start the planning process of adulting.

Adulting is not just about thinking about the process but actually taking steps and actions that would make the process seamless and less stressful. You might ask “Why is adulting so hard?” This behavioural process employs one to accomplish every and any necessary task that identifies socially, economically, physically, mentally, emotionally and financially, in a fully grown responsible person.

We may find ourselves in under a life of stress or pressure from friends, family, ”foes”, acquaintances and most importantly “social media”, which is the current audio-visual yardstick or measurement for ‘success’.

So how do you properly complete this process as the world has placed so much value on things and less value on lives and actual living?

Here is how you do it!

First, you must realize in time this beautiful but inevitable timeline in God’s calendar for your life. Now, most persons have failed to realize in time and even though noticed early enough in some others, they still tend to fail at the very beginning. These highlighted guidelines would help you in dealing effectively with this “Adulting Process”

  • Firstly recognize that God makes you grow

  • Meditate on the words of God

  • Pray frequently

  • Be disciplined

  • Have self-control

  • Get a Skill

  • Get wisdom

We will properly discuss these guidelines further in the next series. Watch out for the concluding article. Stay blessed until then!