• Elizabeth

Altar Call

In my childhood days, I would run with the speed of light to the altar whenever a call was made. I still do not know if the reason I ran was because of the free items that came with honoring the altar call or because my spirit indeed needed salvation.

All these I was unperturbed about as the issues of the spirit were the least of my concerns at that age.

As I became a teenager, I became hungry. Hungry for something I had never eaten before. It was not physical food as I had no cravings. Is this hunger a new present from the altar call, I wondered as I asked myself? It took me a while, but I realized my hunger had changed. It was no longer the free books I received.

What then could this hunger be? I searched and pondered for a while until it hit me... it was more of the spirit. Maybe, just maybe I am not saved I grieved as I told myself. This time around, I decided to honor the altar call with sincerity in my heart and be saved, to bring an end to this hunger. I was told that I would be saved, and I expected to be after the altar call. But nothing, absolutely nothing. No changes, more hunger, more sin, more thirst.

Why? What did I do wrong this time I asked myself. I took no present, why then am I not saved? Why am I still hungry and in sin?

Oh, what a mind I had, even as we ought to grow into mature babes, so does our knowledge of the word of God. For how long shall we continue to drink milk, rather than eating solid food as mature Christians.

Over time, I have found that the altar call does not determine the salvation of anyone. We can honor a thousand altar calls and still return to our sinful ways. I know many are just like me out there, maybe even worse, honoring altar calls with the hopes their sins will be left there and then become new creatures as they leave. But that's not the case at all. My salvation, your salvation, our salvation goes beyond the altar call. It is the call of our heart and mind.

Salvation is defined by God and not man. Therefore, only God has the power to save, which means He alone knows the right steps to take and make to obtain salvation. Being saved is one, remaining saved is a whole course meal on its own.

Let us open our hearts this time to God's definition of things rather than man's definition. We were created by God for God and we will return to him and give an account of our lives. What God says and is saying is greater than what men have to say or have said. But then, how can we know when God speaks and when a man is speaking if we are not in tune with God's words and his plans? Finally, what is God saying today? Have a blessed and wonderful day...

Call to Salvation

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