Blast From The Past: But Make It Fashion

Many of us must have noticed by now that style goes around in circles. You don’t need to look too closely to see that a lot of hot trends we enjoy today have already reigned sometime in the past. Humans be like, “it’s not personal, leave us for now. We’re gonna get back to you sometime in the future!”. The reason for this cyclical movement in trends could be due to the variations in preferences and taste of different generations. Furthermore, it’s great because who doesn’t love a nice comeback?! It’s usually bigger, bolder and even better.  Here are our favorite comebacks  1. SWEETHEART AND SQUARE NECKLINES

They are of the Victorian fashion history, which dates back to the 1800s! Amazing right? Even more, over 200 years later, it looks more stylish and fashionable than ever.  The two necklines look similar. The difference being that the square neckline is straight like a square while the sweetheart neck line is heart shaped. A square neckline dress from the 1800s

A square neckline dress from 2020

2. BELL-BOTTOMS/FLARED JEANS Just like the name, these jeans become flared at the knees. They are making waves in our modern times but you should know that they actually date back to the 1700s when they were worn by the fishermen for convenience while working at sea. However, they became extremely popular fashion in the 1960s and 1970s. After which they were not seen until the 1990s as part of trend towards baggy clothing. 

3. LAYERED DRESSES Layered dresses are a huge part of our modern day styles and they are everyone’s favorite. Not surprisingly, also date as far back as the Victorian times. 

4. COWL NECKLINES Cowl necklines are dominating the fashion industry today. They are at the forefront of most chic and trendy dresses and tops: both formal and informal. Although they were previously preserved for ball dresses in the 1920s and 1930s where they were extremely popular.