• Elizabeth

Dealing With Indecisiveness

Before we begin, let us first take the time to educate ourselves as to what indecisiveness is. Indecisiveness is a persons' inability to make clear and definite decisions quickly and effectively. It is a state of confusion and blank mindedness which happens when faced with multiple options.

If observed closely, we can see that we all have this in us even if it's to the barest minimum but there is a cause for concern when it is dominant. The inability to decide quickly while shopping, the inability to pick a meal, or even decide for yourself, in my opinion, should be watched especially if this has happened countless times. I am certain that with the hope to do better and be better, you clicked on this article, and I hope that these ideas will be able to help you achieve that. Let’s begin!


It is a very common thing for people like us (because I suffered from this also for the longest time), to feel pressured into making decisions that we often feel the need to respond immediately but that’s not so. Ask for some time; for instance, you could say “can I please get back to you on this” or“ can we speak later about that” doing this gives you enough time to ruminate on the issue and eventually give a concise and definite answer.


Another factor that affects the issue of indecisiveness is the factor of fear. The fear of making a wrong choice hinders you from making a choice at all. The fear of being wrong steals the great treasure of experience from you. I have a question for you; how do you know something is bad for you if you have not tried it? Well, that’s the point!! You only know choices and decisions to avoid only after trying and failing at it!! With fear in your way, you would never know. So make that choice today and braze yourself for a good or bad outcome.


Whenever you are uncomfortable about a decision you made, then it is probably not the best one (“Uncomfortable” not “doubt”) When a right decision is made, there should be peace within you. It may or may not agree with the decision of others but it’s the best decision you could have made for yourself so long as you are peaceful within.


One of the biggest struggles I had in making a decision was the fact that I would on every occasion, consider the feelings of others when it was completely unnecessary. This confused the daylight out of me as I wanted to obey and make everyone happy with my decision; I didn’t like quarrels so I tried to avoid them until it dawned on me that it was impossible for everyone to be pleased with my decision. Why? Because it was 'MY' decision. So when I pulled others out of the equation, I found that the right choice was right there all along.


The source of advice when making a decision is important. Always seek advice from someone who has shown over time to be confident and decisive. Please permit me to make an emphasis here…”ADVICE”. Unless you are most certain of the personal intentions towards you, do not leave your decisions to be made by someone else. This is only a temporary fix but doesn’t solve the problem completely. Over time, the confidence and trust you have in your decisions will only go worse. Seek advice but make an effort to decide by yourself.

It is my hope that these ideas will be of help to you and you will be able to make better decisions henceforth. Always remember that you have the ability in you to make the right choice and you are not a confused person.

Stay blessed!