• Elizabeth

DIY: Eye Cream

So seeing how pricey eye creams can be, I decided to make one in my kitchen with the hopes that I would create something good; and I did!

Now let’s get into it!

What You Will Need

1.Aloe Vera juice or gel


3.Castor oil


5.Mixer or blender

How To Make

1.Prepare the Aloe Vera by extracting the juice from the leaf or using the gel replacement.

2.Prepare the cucumber by taking out the peel.

3.Put the extracted juice or gel of the Aloe Vera as well as the peeled cucumber in a blender and blend smoothly.

4.Put this smooth mixture in your choice bottle.

5.Finally, put in your castor oil and mix properly.

6. Cover and put this in the fridge until the time for usage.

How To Use

1.Take out directly from the fridge and apply all around the eye in the morning and evening.

2.This should be done after washing, cleansing and toning the face.

3.It is also advised to apply before your face treatment and moisturizer. This is to help you create the borders between your eye and your face.

The pictures placed here (below) are the before and after(2 weeks).

  • Reduced dark circles ✔

  • Reduced puffiness✔

  • Brighter eyes✔

  • Reduced lines✔

  • Reduced texture✔

Overall, I would say it did a pretty good job! I hope you try this remedy and I hope it works amazingly for you.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a dermatologist or a skin expert; I am only sharing this kitchen made recipe since it has worked well for me and hope it does something for you too.

Stay blessed!