• Elizabeth

DIY Face & Body Scrub

So I was never conscious of my skin until I got closer to my mid twenties. I had some skin issues I actually thought were normal but surprisingly to me, they were not. I did not realise I needed a proper exfoliation that would go deeper than my daily bath with the bath sponge. Deeper exfoliation of my skin would mean a concentrated and consistent method hence a scrub (face and body). Scrubs are available on a vast price range as the price increases with how fine the exfoliator is. Even though they are affordable, it doesn’t hurt to make your own scrub. I make mine as I love to fix myself some homemade skin care remedies. So let’s begin!! 


1. 3tbs of ground coffee (the better the quality, the better it is for your skin) 2. 1tbs of sugar 3. Cucumber juice (blend 2 or 3 slices) or ½ of Aloe Vera gel (optional) 4. 1 tbs of carrot oil(any choice oil) 5. Lemon or lime juice 6. Airtight jar (Mason) HOW TO MIX Using a spoon, mix all ingredients in the jar starting with the coffee to sugar, working your way down to the lemon juice. Let it sit for 24 hours before using. HOW TO USE

1. Before having a soap bath, damp skin and apply the scrub all over the body moving with a circular motion while concentrating more on places with issues such as pigmentation(knees, elbow, armpit etc.), Keratosis pilaris commonly known as “strawberry legs” 2. After scrubbing properly, rinse off and have a proper bath with some soap and sponge. 3. This can be done on every other night. 4. This amount should be enough for a week as it should not sit out for too long. Disclaimer: I am not a dermatologist, I am only sharing what has worked for me so far in the hopes that it would help you also. I personally had the “strawberry thighs” and this has helped me tremendously. I have also noticed evening and brightening of my skin tone and I hope you experience better results!