• Elizabeth

Face Products to Try

So in the past, I never had any skin related issues or need for concern as to what I did or did not put on my face until I hit my twenties. I went from a clean, clear and tight skin to a bumpy, scarred and spotted skin in less than a year.

I tried different skin care lines starting from Cerave, Paula’s Choice, Makari, QEI, the Ordinary and so on, just to mention a few. I can’t say they solve skin issues but I most definitely enjoyed some of the moisturizers and products of which I will share on here with you.

QEI+ Paris:

So I used this brand whilst dealing with dark spots, specifically the harmonie collection. It did get rid of the spots at the time, but it brightened my face completely. The main observation I noticed and liked while using this collection is the reduced breakouts I experienced. My face was completely free from breakouts and was glowing but I ended up being fairer and this wasn't satisfactory as I love my dark skin. So if you are looking for a balm/moisturizer that will stop breakouts and brighten you a bit, this option is the best! I really love it, still use it and will continue to. Link to shop (here).

The Ordinary:

Oh my!!! The reviews and reactions to this line literally saturated the internet at one point. I have used a lot from this line; some had positive effect and some didn’t. One product i really enjoyed is the Hyaluronic acid + B5. I observed that this made my face plump, tight and hydrated every time i used it. The glycolic acid toner also was the bomb and simply Amazing!!! This line, I highly recommend for oily and acne prone skin.

Paula's Choice:

The skin perfecting 2%BHA liquid exfoliant of this brand is a miracle in a bottle. This product worked the best for me. Its main content being salicylic acid is much needed especially for breakouts. Though it is indeed effective and a miracle in a bottle, this miracle comes with a bigger price tag than some exfoliate considering the size of the bottle. This exfoliant I would definitely recommend for oily and sensitive skin, as it helps to reduce the oil and take out dead skin cells. This worked for me a lot; I only stopped because it was way above my monthly budget on skin care (I hope to break the bank one day).


This is one low key luxurious skin care brand. I have had reviews from people, really close people on this line. But the one product I can recommend from personal use in this brand is the moisturizers. Day and Night moisturizer from this brand is unbelievably good. It gives this clean dark effect on the skin when used every other day and a lighter complexion when used daily. Overall on the moisturizers, it is super good! Link to shop (here).


This is a really really good brand for oily acne prone skin. Its salicylic acid gel face wash is the best I have used so far. I wouldn’t recommend this for people with dry skin as it has a mild drying effect on the skin after use. But this is a good product for acne; I have not experienced a completely clear skin but a reduced itchy skin is one I can vouch for. This gel face wash is one I highly recommend plus it is not expensive. Fits right into that good and affordable bracket.

Finally my dearest reader, I am not a dermatologist, I am only sharing products that I have tried and have worked for me in some way. It is my hope that you are able to find something here that meets your skin needs.

Stay blessed!