• Elizabeth

Facial Skin-Care Tools and Tips

So I thought investing in good and expensive face care products like face creams, serums, toner, essence and the likes would be enough to give me the flawless or at least the clean and glowing skin that I desired but I was wrong and wrong again, and I am pretty sure that I am not alone in this. So we here at Davilanda will be sharing other skincare tools to help improve your skincare experience.

Face Brush:

What made me think about this was the frustrating questions I was forced to ask my face cream (a face cream that had really good reviews online). Why are you not working? Are you even going into my face? Then it hit me! What if it really isn’t going into my face? What if I have too much sebum and dirt build-up? I got a face brush the next day and boom! My face looked brighter the very next morning. I had brighter skin and it looks really clean. So this I highly recommend for dull skin and easy penetration of skincare products. Ensure always to read instructions before using.

Massage Tools:

Oh how overlooked this tool is! This tool helps for proper blood circulation in the face and blood circulation helps to keep the face plumpy and youthful. Applying tonnes of elixir and face products doesn’t completely expel the part this tool has to play. Transform your face and routine today by adding a face massage tool.

Hand Movement:

This is another ignored part of face care. I used to think that just applying a good cream and whatnot would be over sufficient for me especially when they are really expensive but I was wrong. Now, imagine pulling your face downwards while using an anti-ageing face cream which is formulated to lift your face. Oh, that’s funny! You are working against your money. Forehead lifted upwards, cheeks taken to the top left and right, chin taken sideways and the eyes dabbed on. (Face should be totally carried upwards). This is the hand movement that I would recommend for the face.


Being a product junkie is the worst thing that can happen to anyone. On the hair, body, face, and so on, anything done in excess becomes a problem. Making product free days will help allow your skin to breathe. No cream, serum and the likes, none of that. Let your face breathe for at least one night in a week. It is very liberating.

Patience: Oh this one cracks me up! I would get a new product today and expect to see an effect by the next day. I have a relative who still says she can tell a product having a positive effect on her skin 3 minutes after application only for her to dump it days later. Patience is one of the most important tools in skincare. Giving your newly acquired products time to work saves you a lot. From the temptation of repurchasing to the certainty that it does or doesn’t work for you.

So this concludes this post for today. I hope that you were able to learn one or two things from this. Kindly leave in the comment section below things you do that is overlooked in your skincare routine. Until the next post, stay safe and stay blessed!