Facts About Me

Hey guys!

I figured you guys know nothing about me or who I am so here are 19 facts from this gorgeous 19-year-old.​

  • I am Eniola Aina aka Davilanda and I am a style dictator.

  • I have trouble expressing my problems to other people, but I am getting better these days.

  • I am not usually the type to showoff, but I have no fears, cause God always has my back.

  • I hate jollof rice, I know right? What kind of a Nigerian hates jollof? I even call it red rice so it can sound as disgusting as it tastes.

  • My favorite emoji is the ‘laughing and crying’ emoji, it’s probably because I laugh a lot.

  • I haven't really decided if I like dogs, but if I do, they are the only animals I like.​This one time in high school I had my friends send me fan mails.

  • A perfect day for me would start with prayers and end with me in bed eating plantain and watching a movie.

  • I do not have a destination list, but I really want to go to Greece.

  • When I was younger, I wanted to be a pageant queen so bad.

  • My ultimate blowout meal has to be fried rice and grilled chicken, followed by Ben & Jerry’s with cheesecake.

  • My favorite candies are Starburst and Nerd’s.

  • My most treasured possession is my Maju Victoria mini purse. I got it on my birthday as a present from my best girl. For me, it is the thought that really counts.After a crappy day; I sleep immediately, so I can get the day over with.

  • If I steal your clothes, it means I really love you.

  • I keep my computer’s desktop empty, I feel disorganized when it is not.

  • I do not give compliments unless I feel like you truly deserve it. It is my way of being in control.

  • I overthink about everything.

  • My super talent is leadership, I'm not one to do any work.



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