• Elizabeth

Finance In a Plandemic

Hello! My dearest reader, I hope you are doing well and happy.

I will begin with a realistic word by saying not everyone can afford to make an investment all at once, but we can all afford to make a budget which will help us save enough to afford one. If the idea of budgeting is still a bit cloudy to you, kindly go through the previous posts for more explanation or leave a comment below.

In this current pandemic, there has surprisingly been a huge batch of sales going on for different items. From clothes to shoes to accessories to luxury items to gadgets and so on which are not being restocked. But shockingly, the price of food and health materials have skyrocketed.

This is to show where money should be invested in and avoided in these times. In the country where I reside, over 62 branches of the states’ departmental store have been shut down with no information on reopening thereby increasing the number of unemployed people to over a thousand. This and more were caused by the economic plunge which came about by the virus. But regardless of the economic plunge, salaries must be paid, funds must be given to the medical staff and so on. This means that even in a plunging economy, money will still be let out by the government.

So how will there be returns from workers and other means to the government to maintain a stable economy margin besides tax? SALES

Nobody or at least very few people thought of luxury items, clothing items and so on in the peak of the corona-virus but everyone thought of hygiene items, toilet papers, medications, food which are life’s necessities and on a deeper level, their souls(more light will be shed on this in the future post).

Purchasing items on sales in a pandemic is definitely not a bad idea if they are really a necessity. But if not, it's not encouraged. These income used in purchasing such items can be channeled to food, health, and investments which are ever important, ever-increasing, and beneficial in the long run. So what should you do with your money post-pandemic?

Tip 1:


Seeing that the price of essentials has increased, it is advisable to spend less on nonessential items as shopping in the nearest future is unpredictable. If you must spend, spend on essential items now.

Tip 2:


Saving has always been advised with or without the instigation of a pandemic. Since there are many uncertainties about the future, it will not hurt to have an emergency fund saved up somewhere. It may or may not necessarily be funds saved up in a bank; as there have been many issues concerning this ever since the pandemic. Frozen accounts, unexplained charges, and fund reduction among others.

Tip 3:


There has been a debate on countless platforms over the currency of the future. Bitcoin being the top of the list. Investing in a researched and reliable platform is very essential if the fund for this venture is available. Make sure to do research and make reliable long term goals before investing.

I hope this was able to help you in thinking about the future. We only have today some may say but we may also have 50 or 100 years. Most importantly, we have eternal life in Christ.