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Financial Challenges And How To Solve Them

Financial problems are unfortunately very common and happen to almost everyone at some point in our lives regardless of occupation, age, or financial status. The good news is that the stress, anxiety, confusion and so on that comes with it can be easily tackled if the signs and reasons are noted before the problem arises. Here we will discuss some reasons for financial problems and some possible solutions for them also. Now, let's begin!


This is a very crucial step people fail to take in their personal finance which in turn leads to serious financial problems. Its either plans are ignored or proper plans are not taken. Either way, the lack of planning has been proven to affect finance negatively in different ways. From having a minus account to borrowing from people which in most cases don’t end well. The solution to this you may ask is to, START PLANNING! NOT NEXT MONTH, NOT TOMORROW, BUT TODAY!

Tip 1: if you have been paid, plan your income for this month before you start spending. If you haven’t been paid, plan it before it comes.

Tip 2: Read our previous post on budgeting here. It will be of great help!


Well, I have had a lot of people speak to me about this. The urge to buy everything you fancy, eat everything you have the appetite for, dine at restaurants you probably can’t even afford, and so on. This only speaks negatively on your income and nothing more. From debts to loans to disrespect from people who lend you money and so on. Living according to your income brings integrity, respect, and opens you up to making other ways to increase income if a shortfall is observed.


Who you take financial advice from is as important as the advice itself. When I was younger, I remember asking money advice from someone really close to me, it didn’t work and I wondered why. But having grown, I have come to realize why it didn’t. It is important to check the finance of people you ask for help. Taking advice from people whose lives have a testimony of what you seeking for is very important. There has to be proof, evidence that they live what they preach. Only someone who has had or still has a successful money history can give you an advice that works. So look carefully before seeking advice.


This is also a very common reason for financial problems. One truth that stands sure is the fact that 'not everyone will have a luxurious lifestyle because not everyone can afford it.' A luxurious lifestyle is often tied to happiness but that is not true at all. Living a debt-free life in my opinion is what should be tied to happiness. If spending on luxury at a point in your life makes you lose or waste money or even borrow money, then it should be avoided. Instead of instantly splurging on things you can’t afford, calmly settle down and make a plan on how you can procure this luxury one step at a time, by saving or finding a different alternative altogether.


Investing is one major way a lot of people have been able to boost their finance and it has also been a major reason for financial failure. One thing I always advise is this; Do not invest an amount you cannot afford to loose. This is one smart investment attitude attributed to successful investors. This one thing is what matters when investing; that is after checking on the integrity of the investment platform.

'Wisdom is a shelter as money is a shelter, but the advantage of knowledge is this: Wisdom preserves those who have it.'

Ecclesiastes 7:12


Well, these are the few tips we have for this segment!

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