• Elizabeth

Five Ways To Having More Productive Days

Have you ever ended a day and wondered why it was so unproductive? Or have you been so busy all through the day and thought it was productive only to find out it was not? Well, here are some ideas to help turn the future days completely around! Moving from unproductive to productive. Well, let us begin!


What you do the night before your day commences completely determines how your morning will start which may eventually affect the rest of your day.

Tip 1: The Set Up

This is the time where it is advised to prepare everything you need for the next day. From your underneath clothing, outfit, accessories, organized bag or briefcase..whatever the case may be, scarf and so on...to the very beautiful shoes on your feet, you organize everything. Some people go the extreme mile to set up their choice spray, water, hairpin, and so on. Doing this makes your morning very fast, organized, and calm. Starting your day calmly helps you quest in being more productive and look more organized all through the day.

Tip 2: The Schedule

A schedule is a detailed write up of a day's plan. Making a schedule of your day the night be fore can be very helpful in making your day more organized and productive. It helps you know what to do, when to start, where to start, the maximum time you can spend on a particular activity, where to be at and at what time, and so on. It is also important to begin from the time you get up and also, include your breaks.

Tip 3: The Alarms

If you are like me who doesn’t get up at the first buzz of the alarm or feel nauseated having to jump out of bed, setting the alarm at least 15 minutes before you need to get up will be very helpful. It is also advisable to get up at least 1 hour before you need to leave the house. This way, you have enough time to prepare, eat and calm down for the day. This I believe is of utmost importance. My priority every morning is to ensure I have enough time to stroll or walk to the bus station, not running. So say, for instance, I have to leave the house at 7 am, I will set the alarm for 5:45 am and another for 6 am which means my day starts at 6 am.


Now you are ready for the day, how do you perfect this task?

Tip 1: Self Discipline

So it is one thing to make a plan/schedule and it is another thing to do them. Now here is where discipline steps in, be sure to follow every time plan scheduled on your journal. Try your very best to not miss a plan. Friends, colleagues, family members will try to distract you as they are used to the past you but don’t give in. They will accept this change, sooner than you expect. Bonus points, you will be respected more than before.

Tip 2: Reduce Small Talks

if there is anything I am most certain about to be a time killer and a sure trait of a time-waster, it is the issue of small talks. Small talks I believe is the silent killer of time and days and months and years and so on. The family members, friends and colleagues being the instigator of this..or maybe you are. It is not bad to engage in small talks but if it consumes a larger part of your day and makes you procrastinate and completely forget your plans, then there is a need for caution.

Tip 3: Day Review

Its a habit of mine to make a day review every night. It is really simple and basic. Write down the number 24 and begin to write also the hours you spent doing something productive; resting or sleeping, eating and so on. Then take a sum and make a minus from 24 hours. Here you will be left with some hours; calmly try to recollect what you did in those hours and if you feel unsatisfied and unhappy with some things, try to be conscious of them the next day and discontinue.

I hope that these ideas are of big help to you as they have been to me. Kindly leave a comment in the comment box below of anything you find very helpful and ideas that you would like to recommend to everyone.

And in the meantime, Stay blessed!