Focus On Creativity In Ministry: Debbie Onyibe

Debby Onyibe is an innovative young and inspiring woman who has affected lives through one of her many innovations Rhapsodaily. A multifaceted artist who is passionate about God and seeks to reflect Him in every area of her existence.

Whilst we spoke with Debbie Onyibe we were inspired by her motivation and creativity not excluding her deep love for Christ, which you will find captivating.

Here she talks about her Passion, Projects and her Personal life.

What are you passionate about and why?

Easy one; Jesus!

With this, comes other facets too. He’s currently teaching me how to love more like Him, so I’m finding that this translates into being more passionate as well about people, children especially. I’m passionate about becoming the perfect image of His intentions when He created me. The reason is because He’s done so much for me and the least I can do is live for Him.

What projects are you currently handling?

I’m currently chairing Erupt! 2020 with my best friend; Jamie. I’m working on expanding RHAPSODaily, getting ready to graduate this May 30th as well. I also have clients that I and my teammate in Spirête are working with.

What tech tools do you use daily?

The entire Adobe suite, my phone and my laptop are like my family members now. They’re named Andrew, Peter, and John respectively.

How do you stay updated in the creative industry? (E.g blogs, Instagram accounts, etc)

This will definitely change now that I’m about to graduate, but it’s been mostly experiences in my classes. I’m probably going to start self-seeking information now. Instagram and Pinterest are already constants for me now.

What has your experience been like working on Rhapsody devotional?

Very exhilarating. It’s been my very practical example of Mimshach anointing at work. The way it spread was something Holy Spirit-y. Every day, I’m still so grateful for the opportunity to be relevant in ministry.

How do you stay inspired to curate daily content?

It’s not the easiest thing, especially juggling 2 million other things simultaneously, but the Holy Spirit’s whispers are my fuel

Could you tell us the process of producing one rhapsody video?

Pay me ...

Jk, well to simplify it; the guest fit the day sends an audio and it is vetted, then it goes into cross animation via the Animoji app, and then it’s merged and layered in Adobe After Effects.

Congratulations on your graduation! How does it feel to be graduating?

Thank you! Honestly, It feels like just another thing; no special jitters or anything yet (I’ll update you if they show up) but I do recognize that it’s an amazing milestone and I’m celebrating myself and my hard work because of it. (Literally, I dropped a song on my graduation date; May 30th Click to watch Here)

What’s it like to be a student and be very active in ministry How do you manage your time?

I am a perfectionist. I utilize calendars, sticky notes, alarms (Omg! if you’re ever around me, at least 6 alarms go off on average per hour), reminders… anything to keep all that I have to do put together so that they can all get done, but above all- it’s the Holy Spirit in me who actually does all the work and gives me strength and ability. He’ll never give you responsibility without ability and grace.

What’s your advice on how to grow the body of Christ to a Christian student in school?

Be filled

Keep growing in the faith

Spend time with the Holy Spirit

Win souls

Surround yourself with a power inspiring group

Separate yourself permanently from the world, but be strategic enough to reach them

Keep your eyes stayed on Him

What’s your favorite ROR video that you have made?

My favorite episode would be the first video by Sister Rhema. It was made in a state of the unknown as I really didn’t know what was going on. Anytime I think of it, it exemplifies the power of obedience to the Holy Spirit.

Who’s your role model & why?

I feel like you know the answer to this question by now, but to be sure; My role model is Jesus.

What’s your favorite book?

My favorite book is (bet you thought I was going to say the Bible, ha!) it’s a close second; the Rhapsody of Realities

What’s your usual dinner order?

Beef lo mein, chicken wings and egg rolls (I love me some Chinese).

Your ideal Lagosian meal is?

Amala and ewedu, roasted yam and a lot of pomo, jolly and fat meat…You’re making me hungry already!

How do you relax?

I tap a nap! Like really, just turn off the lights, close that computer, DND your phone, and SLEEP!

What’s an unpopular opinion you hold?

I don’t have many isolated opinions out of the Word, and whenever I see it doesn’t align with God’s instruction, I correct it. So I don’t “hold” opinions of my own per se, rather I allow the Word to guide my intelligence.