Focus On Dining: Chronicles of Tej.

Tejiri Okotie

We hung out with Tejiri Okotie of Chroniclesoftej, a fashion, food and lifestyle blog created in July 2018 as a means for her to share her creativity and experiences. Beyond blogging, Tejiri enjoys trying out meals from different restaurants to test their services and she shares this on her Blog. Here she talks about. Here she talks about Fine Dining in Lagos, style and building her brand.

Here’s what she has to say on dining in Lagos.

- Do your research - this helps with knowing the sort of atmosphere you’re walking into, what to wear or just knowing what to expect on the menu (in terms of food and prices).

- Choose a well-lit spot for pictures, and I read somewhere people tend to eat more in hidden dark corners. - Go with’s always fun. - Make reservations online. - Take advantage of discounts...some restaurants offer special discounts at certain times and days. - Go during the week to enjoy the most out of restaurants. - Be nice to waiters because of courtesy and for great service.

We asked Tej some questions

What do you love the most about dining in Lagos? There are a couple of things I love about eating out, but my top has to be the ambience. Everyday there seems to be a new aesthetically pleasing restaurant opening up somewhere you can go revel in the music, aesthetics, food etc

What’s your advice on a budget to food bloggers in Lagos? For me, checking out the menu online, going with a friend so we get to split the bill and taking lots of pictures to generate content with volume helps.

How do you find new restaurants?

Mostly through Instagram honestly. You know Lagosians like visiting and posting pictures of themselves in the newest/trending place. And I follow a couple of influencers on Instagram and they seem to get the invites to the opening of these new places. So I’m also well informed.

What’s your favorite buffet spot in Lagos? And what do you wear to it? I don’t know much about buffets because of my eating habit. It’s a struggle to finish one dish. But if I were to attend a buffet, something simple and classy, maybe a cute shift dress with heels.

What restaurant would you recommend to someone for a birthday dinner? You can do The Vanilla Moon, Circa Non-Pareil, House Cafe or The Metaphor. Depends on your budget.

What restaurant do you keep going back to? I’d say Circa Lagos. For no particular reason...I just like it there.

What’s your plan for 2020?

I plan to continue to build my brand by being consistent on my blog which I wasn’t last year and creating quality content. I plan on exploring more video content this year. I also hope to collaborate with more lifestyle brands eg skincare, travel etc Just putting myself out there basically, while doing what I enjoy doing.

Who’s your style inspiration?

I get inspiration from different people and different places. For one of my GTB Fashion looks, for instance, the idea of tucking my blazer in my tulle skirt came from a Korean drama I watched earlier.

What is the biggest difference in your life post-blogging?

I’d say brands reaching out to me for paid collaborations, getting invited to events and people recognizing me at said events or in random places...still can’t get used to that. I was invited to guest appear on TV the other day! it’s all just so amazing.

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