Focus on Food Blogging: The Relish Diary.


The Relish Diary

The Relish Diary (TRD) is an Instagram based personal blog launched in 2019 to explore the TRD's passion for exploring new cuisines and appreciating the artistic representation of food. Within less than a year of launching, The Relish Diary has become one of Lagosian's go to Instagram food blogs. Here, TRD shares her food blog, dining and personal cooking experience.

How did you start food blogging?

I’ve always loved eating out and taking pictures of my meal for years. I’d mostly share pictures on my Instagram page and people would reach out complimenting my pictures and asking questions about the meals/restaurants. For about 2 years, I had been deliberating starting a food blog and in August 2019 I finally put my fears aside and started my food blog on Instagram.

How do you curate content for Relish?

I typically eat out 2-3 times a week and during this time I create content for TRD. I use the UNUM app to plan and arrange my content ahead so it's visually appealing. I also try to work with the national food calendar and create content around that as well.

How have you been able to grow Relish in such a short period of time to be recognized?

TRD’s growth has truly been God’s favor. I’ve had a lot of reposts from the restaurants I visit as well as people sharing my content. Additionally, I try to be consistent in creating and posting content because personally, I believe diligence yields growth.

How do you know when there’s a new restaurant in town?

I’m always on the lookout for new restaurants on social media and I follow quite a few food bloggers who post updates on new restaurants. My friends are also very quick to let me know what’s new on the scene.

How often do you go out to eat?

On the average, I eat out 2-3 times a week.

Roughly how much do you spend in a week?

I spend about N23,000 – N25,000 (Naira).

How do you make money from your content?

At the moment, TRD is purely content creation and has not been monetized yet.

What’s your advice to young creatives looking to become food bloggers?

Start! Just start, no matter how terrifying it may seem. Be as consistent as you can be, work towards perfecting your craft and scaling up as you go on. It’s important to have fun in the process and remember that food is the ingredient that binds us all together!

What are your 5 top favorite restaurants ever?

LOL! This is my most received question. Right now and in no particular order, I’m loving; Pitstop Lagos, Talindos Steakhouse, Thai Thai, RSVP and Z kitchen.

What’s your favorite restaurant in Lagos?

Guys, this is too hard to choose.

What are your favorite regional cuisines?

I love Thai food especially Tom Yum and Pad Thai.

How do you know what would look perfect in a picture from the menu?

I never know what will look picture perfect from the menu but chefs in decent restaurants take the time out to ensure their food presentation is aesthetically pleasing so I depend heavily on that for pictures. However, I pick meals based on what I think I would enjoy eating.

What’s one dining experience you always relive in your mind?

I went for lunch at RSVP with my best friend and we had the best seats in the house (window seats with great lighting – a blogger’s dream). We had a three-course meal, great laughs, took amazing pictures and it really was just the best vibe.

How often do you cook?

Before the pandemic, I honestly cooked maybe once or twice a month. But now I cook every other day and bake at least once a week. I'm truly loving it!

What’s your favorite cooking tool?

My spatula.

Would you rather make a sweet meal or a savory meal?

Savory. I love a good bowl of pasta.

What meal have you always wanted to make but haven’t had the chance to?

As simple as it may seem to some, I’ve always wanted to make lasagna, but I still haven’t gotten around to it.

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