Focus On Music: Esther Ayeomeretse

Esther Ayeomeretse, fondly called Estéri is young medical student and an upcoming artiste. She recorded and released her first song titled 'Refined' in August 2020, this was recorded under her record label. Esther is passionate about God, and through her singing she's developing a ministry for Jesus. While interacting with Esther, we got inspired and encouraged, knowing she's using her God given talent for the purpose of the Gospel, it was an amazing time with her.

Here Esther talks about her music

Can you tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

My name is Esther Ayeomeretse, fondly called Estéri. I like to say that I’m Abba’s special sunflower! On normal days, I’m your usual geeky, medical student.

Why did you decide to record and release Refined?

I decided the moment I saw an ad for a slash rate on my producer’s page (who is a dear old friend) on the 6th July, 2020. I said I was interested with no money in sight oh, I experienced a huge dose of faith, obedience followed by miraculous provision.

I decided to release Refined in August after I could no longer push the holy naggings I was getting from Abba.

What was your experience like producing your first song?

It was exciting, a lot of work than I imagined. Music is a lot of work people, but my producer was so patient. Then I was on an internship programme with a clinic so I used all the time I could find. The production team did a quick clean work too, so it took about 2 days with lots of hours put in.

What was the most challenging part of this whole process?

Hitting the notes y’all, and remembering my own lyrics. LOL

How did you know Refined was ready?

When I heard the final mastered song, it struck like lightening.

What’s your major message with the song?

A believer is a refined work of righteousness and fully approved by the refiner.

Would we be getting more content from you soon?

Yes! And really soon too, it is our open secret, LOL.

We see Redefined is under Poikilos Records

Yeah, (giggle)

What’s your next planned step to expand your record label?

The name Poikilos is so special because it means “Many Coloured”, so be rest assured it’s the best place for every believer to worship in whatever ways, all to God’s glory.

She’s a new record label and so there’s a lot of growth she’s experiencing. Right now, the brand just took her flight with our first artiste Estéri.

How soon would you be signing your second artist?

Signing of artiste can be either planned or spontaneous. There are no plans to sign anytime too soon, but we are open to God’s leading.

In 2 years from now, what do you see Poikilos Records championing?

I see Poikilos Records taking a major pace in gospel music production and promotion, having our signed talents soaring in their diverse arts of expression.

What would you advice youngsters looking to take the bold step to startup their idea?

There is neither a small or big way to start. There is only one way, and that’s God’s way. So keep your relationship with Him firm and consistent, before and after starting. Everything else would flow.

What principles should they utilize to encourage them to start?

Do your research. Although the terms and conditions may seem lengthy, read them all every time they come your way.

As someone who has been able to accomplish so much in 2020 despite the pandemic, how would you encourage someone to keep working hard?

There is no impossible idea that enters the mind of a man, now imagine a mind that belongs to Christ (fireworks). It is more excellent and profiting to work in obedience.

These vocabularies sha… Hard work! I don’t work hard, and I don’t advise hardwork. There’s something better than that and it’s called Working and Walking with the Father in obedience.

If you had to record with only one artist, who would it be?

When the opportunity comes, it will be the amazing CSO.

And why?

She is an artiste I see exploring her music and doing new things. It will be lovely to just listen to her speak and teach me too.

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not singing?

I love to go on a short distance ‘wind-in-my-hair’ road drive with an audible jazz tune music playing.

I love doing DIY, I do one like every week, LoL.

When did you know you wanted to be a singer?

Since I was a little girl; music just came naturally. Now it is a ministry for Jesus; it feels so good to be doing this for Him.

Did you ever have to train yourself? If yes, how did you go about it?

I do vocal trainings regularly, and it is especially intensified when there’s a ministration. YouTube is very instrumental to this, quite rich a resource.

What’s your favorite instrument to sing with?

Oh that will be the keyboard, I love the spontaneous worship with the vocal training I experience as a benefit.

What’s one thing you’d like to say to our audience before we close?

Jesus loves you and He’s never in a bad mood. Dear Saints, do not be afraid to be different when in fact, you are different. Thank you for having me Davilanda.