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Nicole Kane Unashamed faith show

Nik Marie is the woman of Unashamed Faith who’s on a mission to help others experience freedom through Christ.

Nik struggled with depression, anxiety, suicide attempts, the loss of two parents and a virus that kept hospitalizing her, it has been God's strength that has brought her to true freedom.

Whilst we spoke with Nik, her transparency and vulnerability inspired strength and courage. By sharing actionable items through her story that can be implemented into your daily life to help create Unashamed Faith, you will find yourself on the other side of the tunnel and experiencing freedom unlike anything before.

Here she talks about Her Podcast, Depression and her Personal life.

Nicole kane unashamed faith show

When did the Holy Spirit inspire The Unashamed Faith Show? It truly has been a work overtime that God has been planting the seed of Unashamed Faith in my heart. It honestly probably started around 12 years ago when I knew I wanted to move to California and do something more with my life. Help people, inspire them, let them know they are not alone. I had spent the last 2-3 years going back and forth battling starting a podcast and finally, between really finding my identity in Christ more than ever, it became time. I still had fleshly fears of course, and one morning, while praying and being prayed over, God spoke to me and said it was that day I needed to record my first episode. The words of exactly what to say and share immediately came flooding to me and I broke down crying knowing that my journey was going to be shared but that my unashamed faith was about to change lives. How did you know The Holy Spirit was the one speaking through you to start the show? There are things that I knew I didn’t necessarily want to speak about or share. My flesh was very strong when it came to putting in excuses, not knowing what to speak on, feeling that what I had to say had no importance. Things of that nature. When I would finally start speaking, it would be as if God just started flowing through me. Words came out that I would never expect to. Revelations came, healing came, strength came, courage came. So many things that took me out of my comfort zone. Because it wasn’t anything that I was just jumping into, and although I had healthy fears about starting, there was still a peace and a comfort inside my soul of knowing this is exactly what God had placed on my heart and led me to do. When you were sure, what did you do next? I just went for it. I learned just enough to be able to get a podcast going myself. I asked friends, I learned from teachings I had been to and I had YouTubed a ton. I then sat on the anniversary of my Father's death and recorded my first episode.

Nicole kane unashamed faith show

Did the Holy Spirit ever give you practical steps to follow? Could you describe one moment? The Holy Spirit never downloaded exact steps on the technical side of things, it was really just the nudges that kept coming over and over again to say, “You are the one. You must speak your truth, you must go first, pave a new path in a new way”. There is one Sunday evening that I do remember being a moment that will always stick with me when it came to Unashamed Faith that turned out to be very practical steps. I was sitting in a Sunday night service at our church and the Pastor really switched up his message and it became Holy Spirit lead and all about testimony. Very clearly I heard God say, go home and write down every single thing I have brought you through, whether you knew I was there or not. I went home that night and started writing it all out. I finished and then the revelation came. That was every single episode lined out for me right there. For a Christian dealing with condemnation about their past way of life, how would you advise them to move forward and create their brand in accordance to His purpose? Once you own it, once you know Whos you are, no one, not even the devil can take that away from you. Condemnation only comes from the enemy and will use it against you every chance he gets. Opposite of that, is once you know God's character and how much He loves you, what other people say about your past, even what you say about your past, it doesn’t matter. Each day we go to sleep and we have His grace and mercy covering us. We wake up with a fresh start, a new day, new choices, new chances. When you allow God to truly come in and heal you from the inside out, the transformation on the outside will follow. You are your brand, whether you provide a service that deals directly with you or your team, or you have a product you sell. It all represents you. Be truthful, be authentic and know that you are doing it for God, His Kingdom and His people. He must remain number one.

Nicole kane unashamed faith show

How should they manage Judgement from external forces? Pray off the spirit of offence to start. But also, when judgement comes from an external side, it usually has nothing to do with you. It is usually a mirror of something they have going on within themselves and it is their own internal battle. When something does arise, do not react. As a leader, an entrepreneur, a Christian, we have been given a spirit of self-control. We are able to take anything that comes at us and take it to God. Pray on it, meditate on it, find a Bible passage that suits your situation. From there, you have been able to not only not react but now know how you may need to handle the situation. If it is something that needs a response, you now have given yourself the time and space to think about it. If it is something to be left alone, leave it be. We are not responsible for judging other's actions, only God is. What's your favorite bible verse? Psalm 46:5, God is within her, she will not fall. The verse that broke down the walls of fear and allowed God to bring in healing and freedom.

Nicole kane unashamed faith show

First thing you do in the morning? Tell Alexa to play worship music, then lay there, listen and allow it to fill the atmosphere

Do you listen to your podcasts? Sometimes. Honestly, it is kind of weird. Hearing the sound of my voice. But to be honest, I tend to space out when recording because I leave a lot of it to the Holy Spirit so it's always good to go back and listen to my own advice and golden nuggets. What's your favorite one? Hmm, I don’t know if I have a favorite podcast episode of mine. There are a couple that definitely stand-out and I feel moved not only myself but others. Episode 6: Depression Doesn’t Have To Define You & Episode 7: Daddy’s Girl.

Do you listen to any other podcasts? I do! I love other podcasts! I listen to Awaken Church which has their services. The Steve Weatherford Show, The Ed Mylett Show. I honestly will mix it up with YouTube videos/sermons and podcasts. I love diving into Pastor Michael Todd from Transformation Church and Pastor Steven Furtick from Elevation Church. What are your favorite skincare products? My absolute favorite skincare product is my Red Clay bar soap for my face. There is a tiny shop back in my home town that makes it called Poppy and Thyme, and it's my favorite! It has worked wonders! It's so simple & all natural! I also love doing Volcanic Exfoliating masks.

Nicole kane unashamed faith show

What does your favorite tattoo say? I would say my favorite tattoo is the one I got for my Dad, and it says “Always on my mind. Forever in my heart. 10-26-08”. Losing my dad at 21 was nothing I expected to happen. I miss him every single day. On one of the anniversaries of his death, I went and got that tattoo. What's your favorite city to travel to? Ooooh, this is a tough one. I honestly don’t know if I have a favorite city I travel to! There are so many places I want to still go to, but nothing has topped living in San Diego, CA quite yet.

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