Foods To Glow Your Skin

A lot of us really want that glow and clear skin. You don’t have to spend so much money on expensive skin care products to actually achieve this because there are some foods we can consume or apply on the skin that can help us get all glowed up. These foods are all natural of course so that makes it even better with little or no side effects!

1. Carrots

They contain Vitamin C which functions to make the skin glow. Carrot is also really excellent for the usual skin problems like acne, black spots and its also really great for wound healing because it contains collagen and anti- inflammatory properties. It’s advisable to eat a couple carrots a day or incorporate them into our meals and watch as your skin transforms naturally!!

2. Cucumber

This has been quite a secret for a hot second. A few people don’t know that cucumber is a super hero for all skin related issues. Cucumber contains anti-oxidants which is beneficial to resolve inflammation on the skin smoothly without scaring or black spots. It also works to clear black circles and sunburn. If you’re looking for glowing skin, get some cucumber. No need to look further because you’ve  found what you’ve been searching for.

3. Tomatoes

They are packed with natural vitamins and minerals which can transform the dullest of skins and restore glow to the skin. The juice of tomatoes help to tighten the pores which leaves the skin flawless. It’s also excellent for preventing sun burn, reducing dead skin cells and aiding wound healing. You can eat tomatoes not just for their dietary benefits but also for their skin glowing benefits.

4. Avocado

My personal favorite. No doubt that avocados are really nice in a salad Or a sandwich but have you tried it as a mask? You will be in awe because it leaves your skin feeling so soft and glowing. It hydrates the skin as you know, lack of moisture just leaves the skin dry and flaky (so not nice to touch!). Avocados are a rich supply of nutrients which will really up your glow game and moisturize your skin perfectly. 

5. Orange peel

This might just be the strangest thing you’ll hear today, but the orange peel provides more vitamin C that the orange itself!! That’s really shocking because oranges are good as exfoliating agents and drying out acne but even the peels can be crushed/ground to form a scrub.This scrub can be used to improve your glow! 

You can see that you don’t have to search far and wide to obtain that flawless glow and beautiful skin. The answers are provided in nature and they can be found all around us. Make your pick and watch as your skin begins to radiate.