• Pastor T.E.A.

Gifts Versus Seeds.

Abraham left everything he owned to his son Isaac. But before he died, he gave gifts to the sons of his concubines and sent them off to the east, away from Isaac. Genesis 25:5-6 TLB


The difference between Abraham's son and Abraham's sons is very clear. Isaac was equipped, blessed, loaded and possessed with all that his father had but the sons of his concubines just received the gifts. Seeds can never be seeds forever. They will keep growing, till they become a forest. Gifts are just there, they don't even last, they can be just for that day or other but they don't last at all. A gift I got in 2010, I can't even remember how I disposed it or used it. It is very rare to keep gifts forever. Some people go to church just to receive gifts, while some go to church to take seeds. If you go to church and your mentality is "I want to dress well to make people know I am rich" or "I am going because I enjoy the choir's ministration" or "the preacher talks very funny and nice", all you will receive is gifts. Yes, during the message, you can shout "Wow! nice! go on Pastor", and at the end of the message, the word you hear had changed nothing in you. You would have just been a hearer and not a doer. But If you go to church to have an encounter with Jesus to hear the specific word that will change your life forever, you will surely receive the seeds that will produce fruits in you and make you full of God's glory. So, go for the seed and not the gifts.

Wow! A case scenario that the Holy Spirit showed me, follow me as I disclose it. If I give you the fruit you love most and the seed of the fruit, which would you prefer? If I give Bola an apple (she loves apples so much) and I also give her the seed of the apple. You see, the fruit (apple) is just a gift, she will enjoy it for the main time, but it will finish. But if I give her the seed of the apple, she will plant it on a fertile ground and it will keep growing and bringing forth even more apple fruits.