Girls Bite Back.

One word comes to my head whenever I see this top - amazing! I have been in love with this top since I saw it, I think what caught my attention was the button up and puffy sleeves.

I didn’t notice the Girls Bite Back embroidery on the sleeve till I was trying the top on, and that was the icing on the cake, I just had to get the top.

I’m not going to lie, when I first saw ‘Girls Bite Back’ I thought it meant ‘Girls don’t let you insult them without you getting some back’, I have been doing some research and it's not so far from what I thought.

Girls Bite Back is about girls forming unions and responding to harassment, sexual discrimination, etc. It encourages females to speak up and let their voices be heard, hence - biting back.

The logo is a set of wolf teeth, which also looks like vampire teeth. The first thing I thought of after seeing the logo was 'Why wolf teeth ?'.

Wolves live in packs and the pack leader is not necessarily an alpha male, it can also be an alpha female. I guess the whole wolf teeth concept was to encourage humans to embrace the wolves’ culture and put aside sexual discrimination.

The whole concept of Girls Bite Back has gained my interest and support completely.

Hi, I’m a Girl and I promise to always Bite Back.

Top| H&M

Bag| Coach

Jeans| Kensie

Shoes| Cape Robbin