• Elizabeth

Goodnight Beautiful

For all my hardworking ladies in the house, this one is for you.For some of us, our jobs are more on the masculine side than on the feminine side, so how do we work so hard and still maintain our femininity and lady-like allure? Let’s see some ways below!

FLOWERS OR SCENTS: Returning home to the natural, calming and soothing smell of beautiful flowers or a scent you really love and find homely is one big way of reminding yourself that you are HOME. This will help you tune down and cause a drop in tension since work tends to increase tension (muscles, joints and so on). So, fill your house today with beautiful flowers or a nice scent that you would really love to return home to and take a deep breath... you are home!

MUSIC: Yes! The place of music cannot be over emphasized; creating a music playlist that makes you feel good, happy and liberated will help to reignite that relaxed feeling and feminine allure which is always tied to happiness, freedom and relaxation. Oh! And don’t forget to move that beautiful body as you sing along, this is also very important.

SHOWER OR BATH: I know how difficult it can be sometimes to have an actual bath or shower after returning from a hard day. The temptation to skip a bath or rush through it will always come up but don’t listen to it. Having a shower or bath is really important after a hard day. Wash off the stress and dirt with a scented soap you really love, light up some scented candles, play some really lovely music and take your time.

NIGHT WEAR: Oh this is really so important in maintaining our femininity. After taking a nice and lovely shower, throw your night wear on. The kind of night wear actually makes the differences. Opting for a really nice lady-like nightwear (preferably dresses) is the way to go.

BODY AND BEDDING SPRAY: A bedding spray is usually underestimated or completely ignored by ladies but this is an essential part for the night. It is important to change the beddings at least once a week and the pillow covers every 2 to 3 days. But on the days in between, using a bedding spray or perfume is good. I personally like to use the same perfume I wear on my body, on my sheets. Lazy Sunday morning by replica is my go to. It may be a bit on the pricey side, but I use it for a really really long time.

I hope these ideas were able to help you or inspire you in some way. But please remember that femininity doesn’t have to be lost because of the stress we go through daily or the nature of the job we have.

Until the next post,

Stay blessed!