• Elizabeth

Grocery Shopping Tips

Ever walked into the supermarket only to be dazzled with confusion. Where do I start? What do I buy? And so on? Or to go in with a list and eventually buy something completely different? Well, you are not alone and we here at Davilanda are here with some tips to help you shop better.

Tip 1:


It is really important to go shopping with a list, not a list on your mind but a paper or a phone. This will help you know exactly what you are shopping for and help reduce the time you spend shopping.

Tip 2:


When you leave for grocery shopping hungry, it is almost impossible to shop properly. Shopping in this condition will make you see the supermarket as a hunger fix. You will crave for any and everything you set your eye on and eventually buy junk and fast food and items you did not plan for.

Tip 3:


Making a price estimate of groceries before leaving is a very important part of shopping. Round up all prices and take the total estimate in cash with you; not more and not less. Shopping with cash has been proven more manageable than shopping with cards.

Tip 4:


Supermarkets are structured to make you spend more and unnecessarily. The edges of each row have items that are mainly junk food, snacks, fast food, and so on while the middle rows have items that are healthier, essential, and useful. So shop the edges last the next time you go shopping.

Tip 5:


Ever found the price of an item arranged on and above the eye level while shopping to be very expensive? Well, the lower your eyes go, the cheaper the prices become. When shopping, always remember to look down; there is always a more affordable price range for the same item. The supermarket brands are in most cases arranged below and this is oftentimes misunderstood for inferior quality but that is not always the case. These brands are affordable and of good quality.

Well!! I hope these tips would be able to assist you on your next trip to the supermarket. We hope to hear from you here at Davilanda so kindly leave comments of tips you tried from this list and share your personal tips and tricks.

Stay Blessed!