• Abisola Olanrewaju

His Truth, Your Beauty.

Isaiah 52:7 AMPC

“How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good tidings, who publishes peace, who brings good tidings of good, who publishes salvation, who says to Zion, your God reigns!”

What a beautiful scripture, with so much to absorb. Those that raise the banner of the Lord and announce His glorious gospel to the ends of the earth, are called beautiful. You might say, but the scripture said feet not the person. But the feet are used as a symbol, to identify one’s presence. So it says when a publisher or preacher of God’s truth shows up, beauty shows up. This is why I said ‘His truth, your beauty’; The perfection of your beauty is in the things you do to take the gospel of Christ around the world.

What is truth?

The word of God is truth (John 17:17), and God is truth (John 14:6). You cannot separate God from His word, they are one and they possess the same character. Truth only comes from God and is consistent; His word is absolute truth, it is trustworthy, reliable and dependable. You can depend on it with your life. Truth is spiritual and has no evidence. Truth is the revelation of reality.

His truth, the beauty of your life;

As you study God’s word continually, you become all that you meditate on. You become the brilliance of His truth, a standing example. His word begins to beautify you, making you what it talks about. (John 16:13)The Holy Spirit who is the spirit of truth, He reveals the truth and tells you your truth.

What is your truth?

What God has said about you; you are perfect, you are not a victim you are a victor, you are born of God, you are the glory of God, a king and a high priest, a life giver, the light of the world. This is why your fellowship with him is very important, because He will constantly guide your every step through your communion with Him. Remember the devil is seeking for whom to destroy, and He does this by distorting truth and campaigning deception, you have to be in sync with the spirit always not to be deceived. Remember the word of God says “Buy the truth and sell it not...” (Proverbs 23:23). Truth gives light, a person who listens and pays attention to what the Spirit of God is saying won’t make mistakes because they have direction (2 Timothy 2:15). God’s word is a mirror to His children, and when He introduces you to you through His word, you’ll be amazed. As I said earlier you become the very image of the word! The CEV version says “What a beautiful sight...” How can you not be a beautiful sight, when you are emitting the glory and excellence of truth, the living word? Let your life preach His truth, your actions, your words, your character, let them all have the attributes of His word. With this, God will be your glory and your beauty. Hallelujah!

His truth, the beauty of your environment;

Your world; not only does the word of God beautify you, it beautifies your world. A preacher of the gospel gives illumination, and is a light. God’s word says you are the light of the world. The truth you spread in your world, illuminates your environment. As you continue to speak the word, your environment takes up the very character of the word. It becomes peaceful, fruitful, all good and perfect things will reside in that environment. You find out that when there’s chaos in other locations, you are forever protected. This is because the truth you have seeded your environment with,is your shield and there will be no destruction on your path. A man of God once said, “Our world is a beautiful world, it is as beautiful as we make it.” How do we make it beautiful? through the word. Remember this, “The environment is friendly only to those who dominate it, but always destroys all those who are subject to it.” God’s word makes you a dominator. His truth makes you rule and reign, because it identifies you as a king having authority by the power of the name of Jesus Christ. So do not fail to beautify your environment, even now, begin to seed your environment with the right words of truth; ‘Jesus has all authority here, and there’s no space for satan and his cohorts.’ Control your environment with His words, you are a king.

His truth, the beauty of others;

Words have power. The same way the word of God can beautify a person’s life is the same way wrong words can mar a person’s life. The devil’s greatest tool is information, he comes with deceiving words using people as his vent. Refuse to let the devil use you as a puppet, don’t go around passing on his message to others, instead be a vent for the gospel. God is always looking for a vent through which He can express himself, make yourself available. In your daily communication, beautify the life of others with His truth. Don’t go around gossiping, using insulting words, preaching fear, announcing war, sowing seeds of discord. Refuse it, never find yourself doing these things, the more you do them, the more the aura of your presence is detested. Let your presence speak peace, hope, grace and most importantly, love. Let your speech be characterized by beauty. Preach the gospel; each day, make up your mind to beautify someone’s life with the gospel, mend the broken heart, heal the wounded, love, announce His good news. Don’t be afraid to do these things, you are a source of encouragement to your world, step into your office, you are a source of radiance to the people around you, beautify them. Wax bold in truth, be bold to tell and preach the truth. Protect your faith and that of others (Ephesians 6:14-24).

The true beauty of your life, your world and everyone around you is resident in His truth, the living word.In all that you do, think; what does God’s truth say? With this, you will live a life of beauty.