I have Burnt my Bridges

In Asia, there was Chinese general, Xiang Yu, who ordered his troops across the river and quietly burned the bridge behind them, a tactic that got the boys so motivated that they beat the mighty Qin at the Battle of Julu in 207BC.

Alexander the Great, who created an empire that stretched from his home in Macedonia to India, ostentatiously burned his ships when arriving in Persia in 334BC. As his few thousand troops were facing a few hundred thousand of the enemy, one of his commanders asked, “How will we get home?” to which Alexander replied laconically, “We’ll use their ships.” In my early days of following the man of God, Pastor Chris, I most often hear him say,

"I've burnt my bridges; I am set on a course I must follow".

These words resonated in my mind all the time. With my knowledge of some of the army generals that said something similar, I was clear as to what he meant. In me, I could see a man with only one option and choice; who had no room for alternatives.

As a Christian, you shouldn't have an alternative to your faith. Especially in your finances, you shouldn't have another plan. The moment you make up your mind that your finances will only be what God has said, that's exactly what you'll have. Don't make a mistake of using human knowledge or skill to plan your finances. Remember where you live is The Land of Over and Above. If you haven't read my article on the different lands people live in, click here.

The reason some are not enjoying these incalculable riches that the WORD talks about is because they have not burnt their bridges and focused on the only way - FAITH. Remember it’s a life of faith. The just shall live by faith. Again, without faith, it is impossible to please God. A lot of individuals think the concept of faith is complex but, always remember this, God's way is always the easiest way.

Watch out for my next post as I talk about using your faith for your finances and the role of your job or business when it comes to your cash flows. We would be using King Solomon as a case study. I await your comments and questions in the comment sections. I always love to hear from you.