Identified In Christ: Keiana Parks

Keiana Parks is a Christian rapper, spoken word artist, songwriter, YouTuber, and soon to be author. She uses her platform to minister to the prodigal child, the brokenhearted, the sick, and the captive, searching for a way out.

God has brought Keiana out of a lifestyle of homosexuality. She says quote, “by sharing my testimony of what Jesus has done for me, it gives others hope, that in Him, they too can be made free.” Although Keiana is multitalented she is mostly known for her “Him Over Her” T-shirts. She started a YouTube channel under her name where she releases HOH content as well as her music. This ministry is constantly growing!


There is a way out, his name is Jesus!

When it comes to pride don’t fall for it...

This is one of my favorite pictures from back in the day. I was happily single, walking in purity, in love with Jesus! God brought me out of a homosexual lifestyle and it was evident! I was simply on fire for the Lord. Believe it or not, I had no sense of fashion; my sisters in Christ secretly dressed me! Lol, great job though! They even taught me how to pose lol. When friends from college who knew me as a ‘stud’ saw me on Facebook for the first time, since my turn around, they couldn’t believe it was me!

My following grew rapidly! Things took off almost immediately! I was rapping, singing, and sharing my testimony poem everywhere! I had a solid team surrounded by nothing but love! Over time, even the same-sex attraction began to fade. I begged God to take it from me and He did! Completely! Later on, I even developed a desire to be married. After finally giving someone a chance, I realized in this “short-lived” marriage that there were still layers of hurt and disappointment from my childhood.

Marriage exposed parts of me I didn’t even know was there... God wanted to heal me but he had to expose my pain to do so. This was the part of my heart I was NOT willing to submit. Pride comes before fall... This isn’t just some cute scripture, its truth! In fact, for me, it was the fall I never thought I’d get up from. I lost my marriage, friends, jobs, contracts, and influence, even myself. Although I knew my way out, the wilderness became my comfort zone. I was like Simba, Scared to come back after all I’ve done.

It took years to look myself in the mirror! Shame & condemnation had a grip on me! However, it was in this place that GOD humbled me. Looking back at this picture now... is nothing compared to the beauty of a humbled and submitted heart I now have in Christ Jesus. Looks are deceiving and sometimes we are more concerned with the outer appearance than the inward.

Although I look amazing in this picture, my confidence then, cannot be compared to my confidence now! For I’ve learned what it truly is to fear GOD...

I now use my platform to help others not to make the same mistakes I did by leading them to truth. The same truth that exposes hurt is the same truth that brings healing, healing through Christ.

To learn more about my ministry follow me @ichosehimoverher on Instagram or subscribe to my YouTube channel where I post weekly content.

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We would like to thank our friend, Keiana Parks for sharing her testimony.

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