Maju x Lux Shopping Party

Do not get a job kids, it is a trap.

It is official, I have a job now as Med intern. I know you’re thinking ‘wow! You’re so smart and cool’ but I do not really feel that way right now. I could be spending my holiday enjoying everything Lagos has to offer, but no, I just had to be myself and search for something to stress me out. So, here I am complaining about the stress that by the way I am totally enjoying.

Anyways, In the spirit of being social I attended the Maju x Lux Shopping Party (which has been my only social escape in the last month).

I am super glad that I did not turn down the opportunity to look through racks of clothes, runway shows and drinks.

There I was in a ponytail and a little dress having some light weight fun.

H&M dressMaju Victoria Mini bagCape Robbin heels