My Favourite Christian Bands

I absolutely love Christian music. It's music that speaks to your spirit and edifies. No matter the mood, there will always be one song for the moment that ultimately results in joy, peace and loving Jesus even more. Songs are powerful, lyrics and melody are of a divine origin. Songs will be with us for eternity.

My use of music especially as it pertains to activities of the spiritual has been one of God's blessings in my life. In the music circles we have solo artists and music bands. Unlike the popular music style of a solo artist. I got used to bands later in my life. I particularly found that with bands the music was a bit more complex in lyrics and delivery but beautiful all the same. I think the involvement of all the band members in the song (not just the guest song writers) makes the songs richer.

Today I list out my personal favourite Christian bands in no particular order, hope you check them out and that their songs bless you as they have me.

For King and Country:

I've cried listening to these guys. They are from Australia but based in the US. I remember the first song I heard from them was 'proof of your love' and I was impressed. Then I listened to 'Busted Heart (hold on to me)' and I was won, Then there sophomore album; Run Wild, Love Strong Live Free came out and till date remains one of the most well produced album I've listened to. I think what pulled me to their songs was how well they communicate the desire of the heart for hope, love and God. Their latest offering, 'Burn the Ships' is still a favourite with hits like 'Joy', 'God only knows' etc

Hillsong United:

Almost everyone who is interested in Christian rock music has heard of Hillsong. I purposely ignored Hillsong United songs for a while cause I felt their songs were too typical and would not intrigue me like For King and Country or needtobreathe (more on this group later). I was very wrong. Hillsong United in my opinion revolutionized Christian contemporary worship songs. The veteran group with vocal power house; Taya Smith and headed by prolific worship song writer; Joel Houston, has remained consistent in their music mission. My first listen was their album, Zion, which had their major hit; Oceans. The sound of the album not just the lyrics hit me first.

It was worship music but it didn't sound like what I was used to. The band stuck to me and has remained consistent in the excellent delivery of simple but carefully built rich lyrics over a sound of both synthetic and organic origins. Their latest album, People, is a beauty with heart melting songs like might sound wild, starts and ends etc.


The list will not be complete without these guys. They are kind of like my first love when it comes to bands. They do not label themselves as a Christian band but they have released some of the best Christian songs I've heard. My first contact with them was a single of their sophomore album, Signature of Divine (Yahweh) , on '1 cubed' (a christian music TV show) . The song sounded different, the lyrics a work of brilliance. This attribute has remained with them. They are in my opinion some of the best song writers in the world. They have a unique style that has evolved over the years. From their earlier days of southern rock to the more contemporary sound of today but it's still needtobreathe. Some of their Christian songs I recommend are; Testify, Multiplied, Able, Walking on Water, Washed By the Water.

Mercy me:

The 'I can only Imagine' Crooners. These guys are Christian contemporary music professionals. Lead vocalist; Bart Millard's unique voice is one to love. Like everyone else my first contact with them was; 'I can only imagine' a classic about when we see the Lord Jesus face to face. If you followed their music then you'll remember the worship song- You Reign. Other beautiful songs by the band are Greater, Flawless, All of Creation etc.

Capital Kings:

I had to pay for a friend's phone that got stolen while I used it to download a new song from these guys plus at another time I was reprimanded in a library while jamming to their songs unaware I was causing a distraction, that's how much I loved these guys when they first came into scene. If you love Electronic Dance Music these guys are it! I think they were the first Christian EDM artists. They have only two albums and an EP with hits like; Fireblazin, You'll never be alone etc. The original group has disbanded though and nothing much from them in recent times. I pray they come back with new songs to bless the world.

Hillsong Young and Free:

Again from the stables of the Hillsong church is this other group with songs tailored to reach the next generation. They also explore the sounds of EDM in their work but peculiar to them is their use of pop music to praise God which to me is another innovation in Christian music. They have hits like; This is living, Sinking deep, Love Won't Let Me Down, where you are and most recent Never have I ever. If you love to dance then I recommend these guys.

Hillsong Worship:

It will be a mistake not to include this group. These guys give words to those lacking in our attempt to describe the greatness and beauty of our God. This group is in a class of its own. Hillsong Worship songs are sung in churches all over the world. They are the makers of; What a Beautiful Name, Who you say I am, Be still, Let there be light. Just to mention a few of their recent works. Hillsong worship has been there for years, outliving many worship bands and still remaining relevant. With probably the largest collection of the some of the world's finest worship song writers, these guys are in a class of their own.