• Elizabeth

My Plan Or The Plan

Making plans is an essential part of life; having those plans ticked off in most cases, is a sign or growth and (or) achievement. We all have plans and will continue to make plans. But what happens when these plans do not happen like we expected or worse still don’t see the light of day?

Everyday, we see and have new entrepreneurs with mind blowing ideas who are in most cases waiting for angel investors to help these ideas reach the end of the world. Plans of success, marriage, finance, child birth, revenge, wickedness, alleviation from poverty and hunger, evil thoughts and intents all exist, even a plan to kill is still a plan.

When we make such plans, we put in so much effort, passion and tenacity until they are achieved, and our goals and rewards are visible. But what is the root of a plan in the first place? For some, it is the desire to matter, for others it is a way of proving a point or just to be successful, among many reasons. But once accomplished, a desire for something greater comes up or the feeling of total emptiness and vain living shows up.

The emptiness and void inside man searches for one thing and not many. Successes, goals, ambitions, money, family, career cannot take the place of that one thing, speak less of our plans.

The cycle of planning and success characterizes man’s life completely. Not withstanding, plans are important and vital to man.

Plans…what if and just what if there was and is a plan that surpasses all other plans? What if, just what if the fulfillment and success of that one plan fills the emptiness inside of us all? What if the completion of that plan is all that we really need?

Sacrifice…what do we sacrifice for our plans?

And what can we sacrifice for THE plan?

All or nothing?