OFFER 7 - A Burning and a Shining Light

“There was a man sent from God …and he was a burning and a shining light.”

For one who is the complete expression of who Jesus is. For one who is love-personified and so gracious and kind. For one who is full of truth and light, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome can only be described as a man sent from God, a burning and a shining light.

Born on December 7th and with an amazing ministry spanning over thirty years, Pastor Chris has evidently led the children of God into their inheritance in Christ.

With teachings bringing deep insights and revelations, record-breaking meetings spanning over millions and now billions of people in attendance and historic healing meetings that have brought many into lives of divine health, one can say Pastor Chris has truly blessed the world with the Word.

We are not talking about an ordinary man here or just any preacher. He is more than that and more than ever has been identified as the unifier of the body of Christ in these last days. A man of the spirit who is selflessly committed to the Gospel and has been ordained to lead the church in glorious victory in these last days. More than a man, not just any Pastor, but The Man of God.

Today we celebrate a hero. We salute a General. We hail a champion. The boldness and courage exhibited are more than a thousand men’s put together.

Unashamedly and fearlessly dissecting the truths of the Kingdom and revealing secrets leading us on how to win our world for Jesus. He’s not scared of anything and He’s ready to fight for everything.

We also celebrate a Father and a Mentor. A father who when the world went into chaos and fears, gathered his children to emboldened them and strengthen them with God’s word. A father who is constantly instructing us in line with the scriptures on the decisions and choices to make concerning our nations, our cities, even our families, our lives. He’s constantly watching over us as God is using him to do so.

What can we say?

The love of a father is without limits.

I celebrate a king today. A fighter. A winner. A father. A hero. A champion. A mentor…. and God’s Mighty General. Words are not enough. They will never be.

Happy Birthday, Rev.Dr. Chris Oyakhilome. Ds.d, D.D. We are happy you came for such a time as this.

We love you.