• Joshua A

OFFER 7 - He is Steadfastness and Fearlessness

Pastor Chris – Steadfastness and Fearlessness.

The man of God - Pastor Chris has been and will continue to be so many things to me. But this year, two of his numerous qualities stood out to me, and that is steadfastness and fearlessness.

I have read 1 Corinthians 15:58 several times but I got a live description of what this scripture means in how the man of God conducted himself this year. Never did Pastor try to mince words or dilute any of his utterances since he started speaking. Same and even more boldness per appearance. It’s one thing to have unbelieving critiques but to have people who are meant to be part of the body criticize you could shake a person and arouse doubts but Pastor never doubted that he heard from God from day one even when confirmation didn’t seem to be forthcoming. As God will have it, evidence began popping up here and there.

In a year where the economies of the world dwindled and crashed, there was only 1 nation whose economy experienced a massive boom, from 1 billion copies of Rhapsody of Realities the previous fiscal year to over 18 billion copies and that’s the Loveworld Nation headed by Pastor Chris.

Can a man be bigger than a country? The man of God has shown that it’s very possible. By the spirit in the month of May, he declared that month as a month of opening and behold, the states and countries with stringent, draconian lockdown rules could not stand against the power of those words. They opened up their jurisdictions.

So much to say, but the more we say, the more we have to say, but I will end this post with a popular phrase from the man of God, “I’m set on a course that I must follow”. This was evident to every person on planet earth this year.

Happy Birthday to the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.