OFFER 7 - Our Teacher

When I see Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, all I see is perfection! Perfection! Perfection!

Thank you, Jesus, for my perfect man of God, for giving the world a perfect light.

On your perfect day, I am saying, "Happy Birthday Pastor Sir, I love you!".

You mean so much more to me than words can describe, for this, Pastor I am thankful.

My perfect dad, teacher and role model.

Thank you so much Sir for everything that you have done for us, our stories are not complete without you. You have changed my life in so many ways. Thank you so much Sir for teaching me the Word of God, and what it means to live the true Christian life.

Thank you for standing for Christ because of you Sir, I have learnt to stand only for Christ no matter what it takes. Thank you so much for teaching me courage, thank you Sir for saving our souls and for giving my life and the lives of so many meaning. Thank you Sir for what you are to the body of Christ and me.

I am with you till the rapture. I love you endlessly Sir.

Aina Oreoluwa