• Pastor T.E.A.

OFFER 7 - The Perfect Man of God

The number “7” symbolizes perfection.

Our dear man of God, Reverend Dr. Chris Oyakhilome was given birth to, released to be a light to this world on the day of perfection, December 7th.

He’s the perfect man of God for this generation, the mighty solider of this end-time army.

Firstly, I am grateful to God for sending us the man of God Pastor Chris. Just as God sent Jesus to save the world, He also sent Pastor Chris to be a constant physical light to this generation.

Also, thank you so much, my man of God, Reverend Dr. Chris Oyakhilome for saying a sacrificial yes to Jesus and the call.

Pastor said, “I have counted the cost.”

Thank you so much Sir for your audacity of faith and unique gospel that has brought light, the true word of God, grace, increased finances, love, life and many more to us all and to me personally.

So many things to say, thank you so much Pastor Sir.

I eternally love you and we are with you till the last day.

Pastor Oluwatosin Amusan