On How To: Grow Your Hair

Earlier this year I made up my mind to pay more attention to growing my hair, most of my friends thought I was being unnecessary and that the best way to grow your hair is to leave it alone, whilst there’s a little truth in that there are some practical steps to help you grow your hair.

The hair grows out from the scalp and it's constantly growing, the challenge most people have is the inability to retain the strands that have grown out thus the hair breaks off.

Wash & condition:

A cold wash to help close the cuticles and strengthen the hair is very important. You also do not want to overdo this step as excessive use of shampoo strips the hair of natural oils causing dry, broken and brittle hair. Conditioners are the diamonds of hair care, not only do they add volume, the replace the nutrients in the hair shaft. Conditioning your hair is important after washing to prevent breakage and protect the hair from damage.

Heat is a big no:

I personally stay away from heat tools (blow dryers, curlers, straighteners, etc) I would rather air-dry my hair after washing than blow dry it. Heat tools damage the hair. I would advise that if you can stop using them you try to use heat-protectant before applying heat to your hair.

Satin pillowcases:

Don't you just love satin? The smooth surface of this material causes less friction on your hair, reducing breakage and damage. You can also use silk or satin scarves.

Hair Oils:

Feed that hair and watch it grow. From Coconut oil to argan oil to Castor Oil and the list goes on. Oils help restore the moisture to the hair. Selecting the oil that best suits your need and applying it consistently and generously to your hair is a major key.

Pro tip: Feed the ends (tip) of your hair more.

Protective braids:

These hairstyles help to keep the ends of the hair tucked away thus preventing breakage. This is very important in retaining your hair lengths.

Large combs:

With a large comb, it is easier to comb through the hair with very little breakouts. This is very important especially after taking out your braids.

Stop with the hair elastics (rubber-band):

This is something I'm still working on, it's not so easy to stop it entirely especially cause of the volume of my hair. However, when I can I swap it silk bands or ties, bobby pins and clips.

Finally, the major tip is Patience, it has taken me a year plus to notice a two inches increase in my hair length. Don't expect your hair to grow overnight. It might take 3-5 years to reach your target. Just keep growing and increasing in length.