On How to: Increase your viewership on Instagram Live

Everyone is "going live" on Instagram these days. And most people are no longer interested in participating in live videos. Here are some tips to a perfect IG Live and to increase viewership. 

Plan ahead: 

Whilst most people wake up and hit the ‘Live’ button, that’s not something you want to do if you’re looking to increase viewership. 

Tip 1: Start planning at least 5 days before. 

Tip 2: select a date and time that’s suitable for your target audience. E.g if you want more Christian viewers, don’t fix it during church hours. 

Choose an attractive topic:

Choosing an attractive topic is very important, you want your audience to anticipate. 

Tip 3: Research for trending topics on Feedly.com, Google, YouTube or other search engines. 

Spread the word: 

Tell the world about what you are doing, so they can know. 

Tip 4: Design a flyer, create a video, send out emails, etc 

Tip 5: sponsored ads 

Tip 6: tell your friends to tell their friends. If more people are reposting it, you’d look important 

Tip 7: use the right hashtags and Call to Actions. (Watch the video attached to the end of this post to understand more) 

Deliver value over quantity:

Don’t be too bothered about using up the entire 1 hour if you won't say anything relevant. It’s better to spend 10 minutes and set your audience free. 

Tip 8: Have an agenda/ guideline

Tip 9: gift your audience 

Tip 10: teach your audience something new

Setup early:

Don’t wait 5 minutes to your live to setup. Setup at least an hour before. 

Tip 11: Charge your phone

Tip 12: Check your connection and have a backup service provider 

Tip 13: use a tripod stand or books to hold your phone in place. 


Tip 14: For people who didn’t get to attend or future references, save your video and reshare it on various platforms 

I hosted an IG Live on @Worldrunwaysinc’s Instagram on Your Brand and Social Media. We discussed how to brand, content creation and how to grow your brand’s Instagram with your content. Enjoy! 

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