On How To: Write Better

Writing is a necessary activity for every individual, whether it’s a simple essay on yourself or an entire book, at some point we would have to write.

In this post, I’m going to share some very easy tips that helped me.

Step 1: Define Your Purpose for Writing

This is a very important step when you ask yourself what you want your reader to gain from reading what you have written.

You can pen this down in a corner.

For example, I’m writing an amazing on ‘Faith’. My purpose is to help everyone understand that Faith is their key to divine testimonies

Step 2: Outline and Organization

Create an outline and then organize it in an orderly manner.

Still using the example from the first step. My outline would include:

What is Faith and what does it do?

How can I get faith?

How can I exercise my faith to obtain divine testimonies?

Step 3: Research

This is very important. Research on what you plan to write about. Research each outline and gather the latest information on them. It’s very possible that during the course of your research your outline increases.

Still using the same example, my research would be based on what the Bible says about faith. Using Hebrews 11 and studying the lives of the elders mentioned in the chapter.

Step 4: Write out your article using the outline and research points.

Now that you have the information you require, go ahead and write your article.

Step 5: Reread and ask someone else to do the same for you.

Now that you have written your article it’s important to read it again and ask someone to check out what you have written.

That’s 5 simple steps to writing a better article. I trust this would help you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.