On What to Watch: Overcomer

‘When you find your identity in the one who created you, it changes your whole perspective.‘

If I ask you who you are? What comes to your mind? A Lawyer, a Doctor, a student, a farmer, a singer, a journalist, a man or woman, the list goes on and on, or A CHILD OF GOD? This movie illustrates the concept and importance of our identity in Christ, and the life transforming power of having the consciousness of who we are in Him. It shows us how this New Identity frees us from defining ourselves with roles, profession, passion, or failures. Circumstances force John Harrison, a high-school basketball coach, to train cross-country athletes. He comes across a rare talent, Hannah Scott, who is asthmatic.

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We totally recommend you watch this movie, if you haven’t yet. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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By Promise Nicholas @nicholaspromisee