On What To Watch: THE CHOSEN Series

Not "chosen" also not "the chosen one" but THE CHOSEN is a historical movie released in 2017 which is based on the life of Jesus Christ portrayed through "the eyes of those who met him" such as his disciples namely Matthew, John, Luke to mention a few as well as the scribes and pharisees namely Nicodemus for instance, just to mention a few. It is also the highest crowd funded series of all time which raises the question of why? 

So one interesting thing about this movie is that, prior to its production, a crowd funding was announced, for the sake of commencement of the movie production as it was an "off-Hollywood" production with the intent of creating a "true to the Bible" portrayal of Jesus Christ as well as the disciples that is completely different from past movies...hence the crowd funding.

So why is "THE CHOSEN" loved so much?

1. The quality of the movie:

This wasn't achieved only by being the most crowd funded movie of all time, but the richness of the minds of the producers, directors, sound and technical personnel, motion graphical editors, costume designers, makeup artistes, the camera crew and everyone else involved in the movie. Even though they may have faced challenges in finance, still the arrangement and delivery of the movie series displayed the quality of the hearts of everyone involved in the project. Hence, matching up to the "cinematography of Hollywood movies".

2. It is a realistic approach:

This is so far the best movie portrayal of Christ's life and of the disciples as well, showing us evidently (while using our imaginative ability) the journey of His ministry. Amongst many Christ-portrayed movie, 'THE CHOSEN' is my favourite!

A series created to carefully deliver the life of Christ in a more relatable manner, revealing to us how Jesus Christ, though on earth was a full man and full God, having being baptized in the Holy Spirit (Luke 3:21-22) who enabled Him do the works he would do on earth. 

Well enough preaching now... Let's get to the chosen series again! 

It is also very beautiful and captivating, how the producers took these personas from the Bible, creating an enthralling conflict, full of drama and suspense of how their lives were in the days of old.

3. Its emphasis on the personal life of the disciples:

The life of the disciples were shown to us from the challenges they faced, to the victories they had! Hallelujah! And this made the viewers see themselves in at least one of the disciples hence the movie became relatable and personal.

4. Its viewers engagement:

This is one of my favourite aspect, because you find yourself asking questions you never thought to ask (as being ministered to by the Holy Spirit) while watching the movie.

And above all!

5. It is the closest we have had so far to the Truth:

The producers maintained the accuracy of the Bible's account. For instance, look at the colour of Jesus' skin, the true stubbornness of Simon and the sincerity and humility in Nicodemus' eyes when he spoke with Jesus Christ. I personally have not seen this in any movie before. Or was it when Jesus Christ touched Mary Magdalene; you could feel his hands touch your soul from the screen! The casts of the movie were remarkable and their delivery of the characters were phenomenal.

6. It takes you to your Bible

There's this trigger the movie does to both a Christian and Non-Christian in wanting to know more about the Bible characters, And How best can you know this? Except by studying the Bible for yourself! 

For me, this is one of the biggest testimonies I had. After watching the movie (which I did in two days), I would find myself referring to my Bible after each episode in search of how this character would end and what Jesus meant by this? or Simon's reason for doing that? 

All this we know, in the same manner we are sure when God speaks to us; according to his words and according to his truth. I kindly ask that you see the movie as soon as possible. I can't wait for new seasons!

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