Pepper Dem Geng

I've had deep thoughts as to why I do what I do in recent times, and I thought to pass on the "current" to you. Have you ever sat down to think about why you do what you do? What's at the very center of it all? Is it for fame? For satisfaction? For money?.

It's a rhetorical question but I'd love you to take time to think about it and be sincere with yourself. Am I doing this for Christ? Is he really at the center of it? Or do I have some hidden intents? Do I do this because it somewhat makes me feel I'm doing what I've always dreamt of doing? Or now I'm more popular is Christ truly at the center of this and do I listen for his voice before I take every step? Does my heart pant after his or I just want to "pepper Dem".

"Pepper Dem" is a slang commonly used in Nigeria which shows you're better than someone else or some sort of show off.

This is something we have to really pay attention to. Are you fulfilling destiny or you're "peppering Dem"? Are you on your knees truly interceding for those God has sent you to or have you fallen for the social media wave? What's your labor of love over those God has called you to.

There's no need to "pepper Dem", fulfill your call in life and let God be praised!

Live intently, Guard your heart, and if you notice any atom of flesh, be like David and take your heart to God in Prayers. Be intentional about it...tell him

'father I see a form of greed in my heart and I need your help, Lord I see desires to gratify the flesh, I see desires to seek fame, I pray that every root of envy is uprooted, capture my heart and purify my intentions'

You'd realize that one of God's deep intents for us is to use us to spread the aroma of the knowledge of him everywhere. So settle down today and reset your heart.

If there were no rewards, no game, nothing attached, would you still go out for God?

Cheers to pure hearts and intents and widespread fame of the Gospel!