Post-Quarantine Church Style Ideas.

I mean, if there’s quarantine period then we can look forward to a post quarantine period too right? Most of us are already counting up to our next onsite service, and we would not expect anything less. We have curated a couple of style ideas for women and men to help you celebrate this moment.

Style 1: Blazers.

We can all agree that a good old blazer never gets old! The great thing about blazers is the diversity it presents. Whether it is a complete suit set or mix and match blazers always have you looking chic and classy.

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Shop similar styles:

Style 2: Wrap tops

You can get all dolled up in a wrap top. This is also a versatile element of your wardrobe because it allows you to style it up with a nice pencil skirt or a pair of trousers.

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Style 3: Pleated skirts

You can totally slay a pleated skirt on Sundays! They are fun and free. Pleated skirts remind me of music, singing and laughter which is never lacking in the house of God.

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Style 4: Jumpsuits and Pinafores

A lot of people love them but don’t know how to wear them. If you’re one of those people, you have officially come to the right place! Jumpsuits and Pinafores are quite easy to style, you just have to get the ones that fit you properly.

This V-neck jumpsuit above has a complimentary belt to make it more fashionable. This look is totally worth trying out after this quarantine period.

This is definitely a hit outfit. The leather dungaree is so trendy and chic. It is worn with a simple long sleeve top but can also be worn with a button-up shirt too.

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Style 5: "Sunday-best Dress"

You’ve gotta have a couple of pattern-dresses to slay with on Sunday hence the name of this look!

Sundays are the days to get adorned with your floral patterns , your polka-dot dresses and any kind of print you have In your wardrobe . Not all at once though but you can definitely match up a few.

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The men are not left out!

Style 1: Turtle necks.

The turtle neck is always a winner. It adds an extra-edge and class to the look.

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Style 2: Waist-coat

A good waist-coat can never be a waste! You can see the brown hat in his hand which is just an extra flame to the already burning fire of the look. It’s definitely a must-try for the men!

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Style 3: Mix-match.

This is for the risk-takers amongst us. There’s really no hard and fast rule to fashion, you just have to ensure you are communicating a style that suits your personality.

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Style 4: Sweater

It’s simple, stylish and easy to wear. A pair of jeans, a white collar-shirt and long-sleeved sweater, and you're set.

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Style 5: Buba and Sokoto

You can spice up your Sunday outfits with a good traditional wear. This look is smart and colorful whilst remaining modern and fresh. It’s always good to change it up a bit and go traditional every once in a while!

By Vivan I.