Practicing the Fruits of The Spirit: Patience

By @Tea_withJerry

I read an article once which said, Patience cannot be expressed in isolation. It said to operate in patience, we need to operate in love, joy and peace.

Love because it gives you a reason to be patient, from 1 corinthians 13:4, the first description you see is that love is patient.

Joy because it helps keep your attitude in check whilst you exercise patience.

Peace because you need to trust beyond a doubt that God would come through for you. The measure of your peace is the measure of your trust.

Patience can be studied from two perspectives: Patience with God and Patience with man

Patience with God has to do with the waiting period when we’re expectant to receive from God something we’ve prayed to him about. Here, your faith is tried and this produces patience.

Patience with man has to work hand in hand with love and joy. This is independent of the person(s) and more dependent on our expression of the first two fruits, 'Love' and 'Joy'.

Patience comes from a position of power. One who easily loses his/her cool is one whose emotion controls him/her. But it is possible to be trained by the word to subdue our emotions and express patience which comes naturally to us as new creations.

While practicing the fruit, someone sent me a message and said, “Ebube stop lying to people. Let people discover themselves and build on who they really are, and not what they claim to be. I am not a patient person but I have learned to cut corners so as to achieve what I would have to achieve.”

And the Holy Spirit explained to me and said, "Nobody is born impatient. The bad trait of impatience is birthed as a result of environment and information that has been taken in which frames the personality. If so, a change in information has the ability to supplant that bad personality trait with a better one. If animals can be trained to show restraint how much more us? We have control over who we want to be and grow into in the end."

If your child has been failing in school, do you keep telling him he’s stupid or build him up by letting him know in reality he’s smart, and he just has to give himself more to studying? Keep telling that child he’s stupid and watch him believe it and become a failure in life. If we wouldn’t do that to our children and change our communication in order to see them grow to be better, why do we feel the need to just accept bad traits because we’ve grown up with it for so long?

After this, he was mute. I think that was the first time he realized he can choose and control the quality of the person he wants to be.

When I say affirm that you’re patient, not hot tempered, and express restraint. It is not because it sounds nice. It is because that is who the word says you are. Now you can choose to accept this new information which is in fact reality and let it frame who you are or let any and everything master over you.

God is patient, and His Spirit produces the fruit of patience in us. When we are patient, we leave room for growth and improvement in our relationship with God as well as other people. So if you want to understand patience in its entirety, increase in your knowledge of God.

Yesterday, in the fruits of the spirit challenge, we practiced patience and below are some lessons learned from members of the community:

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