Praying in the Spirit

Once a heavily debated topic in Christian circles. This phenomenon is becoming more accepted amongst the different groups of Christians, still, a lot of Christians remain elusive to the act of 'speaking in tongues'.

Why tongues? Why all the gibberish talk? After all, we feel personal with God, communicating to him in plain language that we understand and we have faith that He hears. Sometimes we even get a reply. So why the need for tongues? There is also the prevalent thought that speaking in tongues is a special gift given to some Christians and isn't for everyone. Honestly, though, it makes sense that if what we needed to be saved was to pray in our local dialect, we might as well continue in that manner of prayer for everything else.

'For he that speaketh in an unknown tongue speaketh not unto men, but unto God: for no man understandeth him; howbeit in the spirit he speaketh mysteries. '

1 Corinthians 14:2


I believe, for this verse alone, there is a strong reason to pray in tongues. We are told that the one who speaks in tongues communicates with God. Maybe the issue with speaking in tongues has been that, for the most part, our minds have no clue what we're supposedly saying to God, yet the word says that we are talking to God. Looking at it closely though, it's either that verse of scripture is amiss to what prayer means or we're invited to a higher call of prayer. I invite you to see speaking in tongues like this; We live in a physical world controlled heavily by a spiritual world. The English language, for example, was made in this world by men. Can we then interact with spiritual beings (e.g God) and control spiritual forces with a man-made language? It doesn't make sense. You may argue that Jesus did not speak in tongues, the prophets of old did not speak in tongues, and yet they controlled spiritual forces. Well, remember they were not born again (including Jesus till he resurrected). They were men of the flesh influenced by the Spirit. We are men of the spirit, born from the realm of the spirit. Automatically our language changes. Prayer has been adjusted. We no longer have to break through into the realm of the spirit, We live there. My brother/sister the moment you speak in tongues you are releasing spirit language. Your influence in the spirit starts from the moment the syllables come from your vocal cords.

You exist in the spirit realm and that happened the moment you got saved and as long as you remain in this world, your language in that spirit realm is 'tongues'. Understand that speaking in tongues is not a suggestion, speaking in tongues is the language of prayer for Christians. Anything short of that is living below your call. Wake up to the realm of the spirit, speak in tongues. Don't worry if all through the time you said nothing in English. You have made relations in the spirit and the more you do it in faith, the more your mind will become attuned to what you are saying, soon enough you'll be decoding heavenly signals and messages in your mind. This is real! This is the essence of speaking in tongues. God wants to relate with your spirit at a spiritual level. Walk in the spirit! Glory!