Prosperity is the Gospel.

Have you thought of wealth without sorrow; that’s the life He gave you. In Him, you’ve received the promised Spirit. Now, you’ve been exalted far above every name that is named in this world. You’re seated in the place of power, purpose and plenty. In you is the promise made Abraham fulfilled (we shall talk about the Abrahamic blessing soon, and this is no religious talk, it’s real.)

The Gospel brought us fellowship with God, which indeed is the biggest thing about the Gospel. You’re in fellowship with God daily, you have access to God’s presence every moment of time because you were born there. What does this mean to you?

A friend shared an experience that he described as a “life-changing moment” for him during his high school days. As at that time he was one of the characters in a play and his role was to act as His Excellency, Olusegun Obasanjo, who then was president of Nigeria. He loved that role so much and practised well because His Excellency was his mentor. The news got to him that His excellency would be around to watch the play, however, due to the little time Mr. president had he couldn’t watch the play.

As he was about entering his hostel, he heard his principal call his name asking him to come. Interestingly, the principal was in the company of Mr. president, the then vice president Atiku Abubakar and other dignitaries. He was then asked to play a part of his role to the president which he did very well. Mr. president responded, “that’s not the way I talk, what would you like to study”? he replied, “International relations”. His excellency asked the second question, “do you know where Papua New Guinea is”? Just a week before then he was in the library and his mind just went to Papua New Guinea and he checked for the location on the globe. With great excitement in his voice, he said, “in Oceania”. Mr. president became very much excited too and handed him his complimentary card.

He said, at that instance of time when I was in the presence of Mr. president my mentor there was nothing he could have given me that would be more precious than the time we had during that brief conversation and I am looking forward to the next. That was the inspiration he needed to go through college and graduate with an excellent grade. That’s the value of fellowship. Through fellowship, you are equipped and upgraded. You are given access into realms of power, influence, authority and wealth you never imagined. This fellowship is what you have with the monarch of the universe at your disposal. Can you imagine that he is willing to answer all your request and wishes with an emphatic YES!

There’s so much to enjoy in fellowship with God. This God specializes in raising the poor out of the dust and lifting the beggar from the dunghill, to set them among princes and inherit the throne of glory.

I hope to interact with you more often in the next couple of weeks as we share more on your prosperity. Feel free to ask questions in the comments section I’ll be very glad to respond to them. Your comments are also highly appreciated. See you soon love!