Quit Religion

Lets read John 1:17, "For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ." The Christian (Gentile) was given no law. The reason is simple, he was never a jew by biological descent. The law of Moses was not for him/her to obey. This means every reference to the law doesn't concern the man or woman who isn't a jew. Still, there is something that the Gentiles received. It's called Grace. Grace because the very presence of the law was their condemnation (as outsiders of God's plan). Having received this grace which came by Jesus Christ. It should be clear to see that Christianity is not following rules and regulations (symbolic of the law and religion), what exists now is an outworking of grace in a person. Dump the idea that you have to go to church just merely to fulfil a religious obligation.

For you will not be judged by how many times you entered a church, but by the words that were taught in the church and what you did with them.

See that the Christian life is more than praying every morning cause you have to. Your prayers in truth have no major impact on God, they are for you. God has established what He desires to see in the earth. Your praying brings His already expressed heart desires to come to pass. Plus your praying opens your spirit to the realms of the spirit in such a supernatural way that prayer not only becomes secluded to a few mins in the morning but the fellowship that exists anytime, any day, anywhere! Religion is important. The bible does preach religion but it's important to understand that you were not called into religion. You were called into Grace, truth and essence.

Call to Salvation

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