• Elizabeth

Secret Sins

Pornography and masturbation as a set or individually is a common topic for secret sins. That is, sin done in hiding that in the thought of man is unknown but only brings the feeling of shame and embarrassment when exposed. But is this the only secret sin man is guilty of?

NO! There are lies, theft, malice, disobedience so many more. So essentially, when we really look into the depth of our hearts, all sins we commit are secret sins to all but GOD. Oh, you can tell a lie, steal, disobey, gossip, use bad words, masturbate, watch pornography, right before you climb the altar, and so on, only to pretend to be holy in the faces of people. They do not see your heart of course; hence your sin is a secret before them. But take note to fear the one who sees all and knows it all; For the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom. NOTE: THE BEGINNING!!!

Have you ever wondered why the Israelites were referred to as with the darkened heart, and the scribes and Pharisees in the first coming of Jesus Christ referred to as snakes and brood of vipers? What did they ever do wrong? Why did Christ ever call people that? Did He not come to save all? or did He really come to save all? They heard but refused to take action.

The sin is not the issue here, but what you do after that matters. Not saying that sin is not a problem, do not misunderstand me. I am saying that what you do after each activity is essential. Do you confess right away? Do you stay comfortable with it? Do you brood or think of how dirty and unholy you are before GOD and take no actions? Or do you get tired of asking for forgiveness and stay mute? Or do you, on the positive, ask for forgiveness and start to make conscious and intentional effort and steps to change?

All sins we engage in now as adults were consciously and intentionally adopted. Think about this calmly before you object; you had many opportunities, a voice in your heard saying to not log in to that website, but you intentionally and with all consciousness place your finger on the search button. Or was it when you had the chance to tell the truth, but intentionally chose to tell a lie instead? Why then, do we think these habits and sins picked intentionally over time will stop unconsciously and unintentionally without any work? This is almost impossible.

You may say I have tried this and done that, but it is still the same; Which brings me to my next question. Is something wrong with the person? Or something wrong with the process? Or something wrong with the supposed solution? You may ask, what then do I need to do? We will see this in the next post. But I leave you with an assignment.

HOMEWORK 1. Write down the habits you are tired of and want to change 2. Write down the reason or reasons why you want to change them 3. Write down how you think you can humanly end these habits 4. Search for and take intentional effort to adopt these steps 5. Write the reasons why you think these human ways so far have failed you if you have tried any.

Until our next post, I pray that you stay blessed. Also, feel free to send your questions and comment in the comment box below or reach directly to us here at Davilanda; Our arms are always open. ALL GLORY AND THANKS TO GOD ALONE!!!