"Sin is Sweet"

I once had a conversation with a friend at a fast food restaurant. She spoke about God. She talked about how satisfied she was in her walk with the spirit during all her years in the university. Coming out of school she slipped or in her own words; "backslid". Now she'd rather be 'naughty' as against being 'spiritual'. In her own words, she found it difficult to repent cause "sin is sweet". Leaving the fast food that day, the statement stayed with me; sin is sweet.

Thinking about it, I couldn't help but agree. Yes sometimes doing some bad things feels good. That's why some Christians smoke weed. It's why some believers have sex outside marriage. It's about fulfilling a craving of the flesh.

Paul the apostle made a statement once, he said that all he did was based on the hope that those who die in Christ will have a resurrection when Jesus comes back and that if that wasn't true he'd rather "eat and drink" cause he'll die anyway (1 Corinthians 15:32). Reminds me of the you only live once mantra that tells us; satisfy your cravings as they come cause you just have this chance.

I'm not my friend but I'd think that she knows what she really wants. What she honestly needs. I think so because I can tell what I want beyond the cravings of my body. It's an inner desire. I know that beyond sexual intimacy, I want a trusted companionship. I know beyond the high that comes with the acknowledgement of others, I want to know what I do is right. I know that beyond having a nice life more than that I want to know that in my life God was glorified.

So the fight stays between a craving of the flesh and an inner yearning of my spirit. Just like the contrast Paul makes between the flesh and the spirit (Romans 8:5). In the moment that the flesh wins we're left with a prick on the inside, the spirit feels powerless. However, in that moment that an innermost desire is fulfilled, it comes with all the feelings plus a knowing of fulfilment.

We all want to be happy but true happiness is spiritual, it's left unmet by bodily transactions unconnected to our innermost yearnings. Satiety is outside our bellies; it’s in our hearts. As a Christian follow your heart, "The human spirit is [a] the lamp of the Lord

that sheds light on one’s inmost being" Proverbs 20:27, that's the sweetest place to be.

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